10 Reasons (Thank God) I’m a NYC MOM


Sometimes New York gets a bad name, and people think it’s impossible to raise a family here. It’s true, sometimes it’s not easy, but I think overall we have it pretty good – and have a lot of help. I don’t know how I would survive honestly having to drive to get my Starbucks fix every am, when I can just grab it on every corner.

1. Seamless.com

How many nights have you gotten stuck on the subway ride home only to find nothing quick to make in the fridge? Instead of microwaving canned ravioli, we can easily order in fresh salads, Thai food, sushi or cheeseburgers from one of the hundreds of restaurants in our neighborhood. I personally don’t know how people survived before this life-changing app and website that lets you order milkshakes and popcorn on negative degree snow days (just make sure to tip the guy well who is enduring those winter elements!). Just make sure you know where your food is coming from…. gah!

2. FreshDirect.com

While we’re on the subject, who wants to lug home a 20 pound turkey from the grocery store? Not me! Thank goodness for online grocery delivery—those turkeys, bags of potatoes (that weigh more than your toddler) and beyond just magically appear at your doorstep.


3. Uber

I just want to say thank you, Uber, for revolutionizing car travel with kids. Not only do they now come with car seats if you request them (no more playing Russian Roulette in a taxi!), but you can actually “hail” a cab or car service from the comfort of your own home (or birthday party) without having to step out in the rain, snow or heat to try and flag one over from the curb. Brilliant.

4. Free subway entertainment

Suburban moms have to pack all kinds of entertaining elements to keep kids happy on those long drives home. Not us—we have dancing subway entertainers, drunk bums yelling, rats scurrying for the toddlers to find and point out, and even the occasional full-piece symphony orchestra all underground. No iPads needed here!


5. Endless culture

You can’t walk down the street without hearing at least one or two different languages. Want to go to Italy today—head downtown and hit up Little Italy for food, culture and shopping. Oh, you want to go to China? How about France? Not a problem. You want to see dinosaurs? Sure! Go ice skating? Definitely. Every single day is an adventure and the best part—it’s all only a subway stop or two away.

6. Mommy Nearest

Of course, this is on my list! What other app gives you location-based changing tables, stroller-friendly restaurants and info on the closest playgrounds—not to mention details on all of the best events around the city. New moms don’t have to stress as much when they leave the house, and it’s not even anything extra to toss in your diaper bag!

7. Food for even the pickiest of eaters

City moms don’t need to fret if their little one is temperamental. With at least one restaurant or deli in every one-block radius, you’re sure to find any type of food your child will eat. And if not, chefs are often willing to prepare it for their tiny foodies. Vegan? Organic? Gluten-free? Non-GMO? Non-anything? Never an issue in this city.

8. Fenced-in playgrounds

You know what I mean—those little fenced-in areas all over the city where moms go to take a break. There, they can unleash the kids and not have to worry about their wild toddlers running into the streets. Playgrounds are really designed for us, not the kids.

9. Doormen

Okay, so we might not all have doormen, but they’re fantastic and I am pretty sure invented just for moms. They intercept all of our Diapers.com packages so no one steals them, they open doors for our big bulky strollers, and they might even help us carry all those packages up the stairs. Who else has 24-hour help like that?

10. The most delicious bakeries in the world

New York City moms laugh (not cry) when the word “bake sale” comes up. We don’t bake, or even pretend to—we all have our favorite bakery just down the street that makes Martha Stewart look like an amateur.

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