10 Top Baby Registry Items for New Moms (my wish list)

The baby registry.

Someone should prepare you for the baby registry.

baby registry

No one lets you in on one this little “surprise” that will dominate your life for the 9 months you’re pregnant. Don’t believe me? Wait till you get started. There are more items, more reviews more OPTIONS than Facebook has friends out there, and trust me, EVERYONE has an option on them. So before you know it – you’re spending every waking minute reading pregnancy magazines, ads, baby books, Google and Amazon reviews….. I just exhausted myself. I STILL am!

We thought we’d start the easy way– we got a “personal shopper” to walk us through Buy Buy Baby and show us what to get. This still took 3 hours. And my head was swimming. I don’t think I remember one item specifically that I scanned or why. I just figured they would know what’s best so far, and if I really didn’t like an item, I could just return it.

Then I spoke to moms, read some magazines, attended a couple baby shows (met some celebrities)…… and JUST when I thought I was going to pass out from exhaustion (or my hand fell off from updating the online registry for like the 100th time…..) I have perfected THE MOST PERFECT 10 TEN LIST OF BABY REGISTRY FOR NEW MOMS. Or at least, MY opinion what the top 10 items are for me. In summer 2012. Take it or leave it, but know this – I’ve DONE my research. I’ve read the reviews, I’ve touched and SEEN the products, and these are the MUST HAVES. If you agree/don’t agree – feel free to leave a comment on something better or why you love it too – that’s how us moms learn and stick together!! If you didn’t know yet – moms are a pretty powerful force. Embrace it.

Or if you’re coming to one of my Baby Showers/Baby-Q/Pool Party/Kegger, and want to know what to get me? START HERE:

Top 10 Baby Registry Items for New Moms

1 – SKIP HOP diaper bags.

baby registryWHY? Because ALL of them have these amazing clips on the sides that clip in directly to the handles of your stroller, so it doesn’t hang and swing in the way. Why doesn’t EVERYONE do this??? And they are durable (easy to clean), come in BOTH parent friendly colors, are cute and hold EVERYTHING in an organized way without getting lost, and are AFFORDABLE. (every one is under $80).





2 – UBBI Diaper Pail.

baby registryWHY? #1 reason – they take REGULAR kitchen bags. Unlike the diaper genie that needs $10 refills for like 8 bags. No thanks. BONUS – it’s made of STEEL – so it does not smell. Plastic absorbs smell. And when you live in a NYC sized apartment, you don’t NEED smell. So go ahead, get your “cool” diaper genie and we’ll see who’s house smells better in a couple months.





3 – City Mini Stroller (Baby Jogger)

baby registryWHY?  #1 reason – this thing corners better than your $100K Mercedes. And with one hand, you can lift the handle inside to POOF! fold it up and easily carry in down the subway stairs, into your building elevator, or to hide in the corner of your favorite Brunch spot so you can sit outside with your other moms.  If you’re a city mom – this is THE must have stroller. I see 10 for every 1 of any other type of stroller in NYC. And anyone I ask is in LOVE with it.



4 – CARIBOO Fold up Changing Station.

baby registryWHY? #1 Reason – it folds up and hides away – MONEY! in a NYC apartment. Also, the changing pad is linen, and can be ripped off and thrown right into the wash upon an accident. Claudio and I weren’t even going to get one. We figured, changing on the bed would be just fine in our apartment (we have a really high bed). But then I started thinking about accidents. And that we’re having a boy…. yes, I was worried I would be watering my prized possession Vera Wang pillow top mattress (aka Vera for those who have met her…haha) more than I was watering my balcony herb garden. So the search was on. When we saw this REAL WOOD fold-up with washable changing top… there was no need to look any more.



baby registryWHY? Do I even need to give a reason? If you’re a mom and you haven’t heard of this – GOOGLE NOW. I haven’t spoken to a mom who hasn’t said this amazing little rocker for $50 at Target will knock your baby out faster than a Yanni concert. And it’s perfect for “back to sleep” (SIDS is best prevents by babies sleeping on their BACK) and having the baby right next to you, without having him IN the bed. HELLO! It’s portable – for when you just want to crash on the couch! Love.

6 – BABY BULLET Baby Food Processor. and the Sage Spoonfuls Cookbook.

baby registryWHY? Maybe it’s because I LOVE just chopping and blending the crap out of things with my Magic Bullet/Ninja and I look forward to making it for Max too! But why not? It’s a lot cheaper to make your own food – you KNOW what’s going into it cause you’re making it yourself – and you can play around and make what you want. Get creative! Get a cool apron! Turn into Rachel Ray!

baby registryBONUS – Sage Spoonfuls. Teaches you how to make 2 months of food in a couple hours in one week.  That’s almost better than the fountain of youth in NYC time. Cheaper, fresher with foods from the local market, and FAST. Did I mention fun? Am I the only one who loves to chop and blend the crap out of things? LOL

*** Did I ALSO mention this is Gwen from Passions? And I met her and she is absolutely fabulous! Super moms unite!

7- ERGO Baby Carrier.

baby registryWHY? 3 Reasons – They CRADLE your baby’s legs instead of letting them dangle. They come with an infant insert. Front, back and side carry positions, in dad-friendly colors that BREATHE. (no sweaty dads or babies). BONUS: The one we got has inter-changable colors so I can be more colorful, while Claudio can still rock the “I’m a cool rockstar dad look.” DOUBLE BONUS: Around $100-120 means you get all these features that more expensive “TRENDY” options don’t offer.


baby registryPROBABLY MY #1 PICK. WHY? Maybe I am just a super techy nerd, but when I heard there was a portable camera that used your ipod/ipad as the monitor I was SOLD. So I can sit on the couch and watch a movie, and watch Max on my iphone at the same time. He moved?? I can get an alert for that. You can adjust the nightlight or music from the phone? MONEY! Claudio is out of town for work? He can still watch from him iphone in his hotel room. I took the baby to Claudio’s parents with this PORTABLE camera and still watch him while I’m grocery shopping in Long Island?  I mean, is there any other choice??? Plus – this eliminates that need of EVER wondering what your “babysitter” is up to. She has to put the camera on, and you can watch whenever. Big Brother has arrived.  Why junk up your house with more items than you need? And let’s  be honest – that phone is in your hand anyways – so now you have a good reason to check it, other than Facebook 🙂

** BTW you can purchase at TekServe moms! (the only independently owned Apple Store in NYC – and if you haven’t been there and LOVE Apple like I do – you NEED to check out this store!!! It is AWESOME! And I’m not just talking about all the cool retro Macintosh paraphernalia  around either!)

9- BABYGANICS All Natural Baby Products

baby registryWHY? If it hasn’t hit you yet, you’ll realize that babies not only change your life, they change your outlook on life. (And Max isn’t even BORN yet!) Now you want everything to be safe, organic, and the least amount of chemicals. (FYI – I hate to tell you, but that laundry detergent that YOUR mom used on us that was safe, now has tons more chemicals in it than it did 30 years ago). These are made right in Long Island down the street from Claudio’s parents. AND by two dads, how cute is that? Maybe I’m a sucker for dads who are so involved and want to better their kids lives. Maybe it’s cause it’s locally made. Maybe it’s cause they have these awesome squeeze bottles that poof out suds right into your hand. (the less hands you need, the better – you going to let go of the baby?) Or maybe it’s because they also have a super fun website – you can click on the room of the house you want products for, and it shows you what you need! So, think safe, think local, think American. Think love.

10 – FridaBaby – NoseFrida Snot Sucker and Windi

baby registryWHY? #1 reason? Ok, these I admit I got suckered into. If you haven’t seen the windi, go check it out. Trust me. But the snot sucker is the new rage up here in NYC – apparently the long-nosed aspirators they give you in the hospital are too long and can injure the babies nose! OH NO! This takes that issue away, and makes sure to clean it all out – without actually sucking snot yourself. LOL – don’t worry there’s a filter for it! And it’s washable.

baby registryAhh. The Windi. The first time Claudio and I came across this at a baby show – we laughed and thought it was a joke. Really? You stick this “tube” in your baby’s behind and it SHOOTS back out and hits the wall relieving gas? Do they make these for adult men?? Anyways, it really does relieve gas build up, and you best believe that if I have a colic-y baby boy – these will be my saving grace. Plus it’s natural – you don’t have to let him ingest any medication. Sounds like a better 1st idea to me!

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  1. Alayna R May 24, 2012 at 3:45 pm

    Seriously fab list!!! And this is after two kids and epic registry fails on my part! Why didn’t you start having kids 3 years ago when I was doing a registry! Lol!! I can say from experience, Ergo carrier is amazing, Nose Frieda is soooooooo much better than the hospital bulb (and my friends still think I’m nuts to have one), and SkipHop bags are fab!!! Btw IKEA has a sweet fold up changing table that looks identical… And it’s what I wish I could have purchased! Also, IKEA has a rocking baby/kids section, if you have one nearby!!

    • slbarnhart May 24, 2012 at 5:06 pm

      Thanks Alayna! I will def swing by IKEA later and check it out!

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