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We have been members of the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) since Maximo was born. Until I became a mom, I didn’t realize (or have much interest) in knowing NYC has five – count them – FIVE zoos to visit (Bronx Zoo, the New York Aquarium, Central Park Zoo, Prospect Park Zoo & Queens Zoo),

Our Favorite Zoos

bronx zoo

The Bronx Zoo was my ultimate favorite because I would drive up to visit my girlfriend in Riverdale, and we would walk off the baby weight and catch up over coffee and sleepless nights while the babies slept in their strollers. We even felt comfortable to find private seating to breastfeed in public (our favorite spot is over by the rhinos). This is also home to Maximo’s first and favorite carousel in NYC – the Bug Carousel. You can have unlimited rides as a member, so sometimes we’ll take 3-4 spins in a row!


We ended up loving the zoos so much that we even booked Maximo’s first birthday at the Queens Zoo. Today, it’s now still my favorite because its quaint – allowing Maximo to run more freely to to see all the animals (and even feed them in the Children’s Zoo). The Queens Zoo is also only domestic animals, so you can show them that these are animals that they can actually see living here in North America – including our country’s official bird, the Bald Eagle! (NOTE: Bald Eagles are NEVER held captive in zoos, when you see this majestic bird, you’ll notice that he is not caged or contained. All Bald Eagles in zoos have been injured and brought to sanctuaries to heal. They are encouraged and allowed to fly away at any time!).                              

120 Ways #NYC is Wild:

To celebrate the 120th anniversary of WCS, a city-wide campaign called #NYisWild is turning our concrete jungle into a summer-long photo safari! New Yorkers can participate by choosing from 120 “wild” attractions around the city and capturing a photo of each for a chance to win irresistible prizes – (such as an Escape for two to Belize for completing 10/120 or Whale Watching Tour for 4 With WCS Scientists for completing 50/120)!


From April to August participants can capture each attraction using Instagram or Twitter with #NYisWild and also hashtagging the number of the clue (ex: #NYisWild, #84). Keep track of all progress on NYisWild.com by following along on Instagram and Twitter.

Download the full list of all 120 attractions and have fun exploring! Direct download link here:http://bit.ly/NYisWildOnePager

Get 20% off Tickets!

With Spring weather making its way here, #NYisWild is the perfect way to spend a day out in the great New York City! There is an exclusive discount for 20% off all tickets purchased only through NYisWild.com. Or, I totally recommend becoming a member. Membership includes admission to all four zoos (and the NY Aquarium!), parking as well as a 10% membership discount on all food and merchandise within the parks. We literally go once a week! 


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Stephanie Barnhart is an award-winning blogger, columnist, and outdoor enthusiast writer featured in the Huffington Post, New York Times and other media outlets. She is also the NYC Editor for MommyNearest.com.


  1. Elle April 24, 2015 at 8:26 am

    I completely agree, there is no better deal than becoming a member. I love giving memberships as gifts too.

  2. Reesa Lewandowski April 24, 2015 at 8:26 am

    Love the Bronx Zoo. It holds some of my greatest memories as a kid!

  3. NYCSingleMom April 24, 2015 at 8:27 am

    Love the Bronx zoo, if you go a lot, the membership is a great deal.

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