This 30-Second Fix Will Make You Look Like Your 20-Year Old Self

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When I was in my twenties, I flew to Florida with my boyfriend at the time to visit his sister, who was conveniently married to a Miami Heat starter. These trips were always glamorous with trips to Taco Bell in a Maybach, personal training sessions with Derek Jeter’s own guy, followed by massage tables set up for a nice rub down after. Instead of going out to drink all hours of the night like us, she was more into health foods, yoga and self care.

One day I was soaking in the hot tub with the sister when I asked why so much work as a mom? She was a “stay at home mom” so why didn’t she relax more? She looked lovingly at my 20-year old body and said, “just wait till you hit 30. Everything changes after 30.”

I still remember those words and remember waiting for 30 to come when things would “change.” In your twenties, it’s hard to picture yourself aging, but alas it happens – and usually never gracefully.

Now in my thirties, and as a mom, I wake up and usually my first words are “WOOF! Who is that in the mirror?” Lack of sleep, wrinkles, and gray hairs just start to creep in out of no where.

But who has the time and maintenance to keep up with it all?

Keeping the Grays Away

There are two rules in my house of self care. (1) Plenty of sleep, and (2) Gray Away Temporary Root Concealer Spray.

Laugh what you may, but honestly, I’ve been getting gray hairs since my twenties – it’s genetic (thanks, mom). And if you’ve been getting them as early as I have, you know it’s almost impossible to keep up with them. You can’t just run out for a $400 root dye at the NYC salon every weekend (because trust me, they will come back that fast). And plus, Gray Away Temporary Root Concealer Spray is available in Walgreens (meaning it’s available on almost every corner and always close for a touch up before happy hour or that 6pm date!).

So do yourself a favor and keep this little friend in your bathroom cupboard. Gray Away Temporary Root Concealer Spray is actually small enough that you can (AMEN!) travel with it! Because who has time for gray’s in a meeting across the country. It also comes in powder or spray, but I have personally found the spray to be the quickest fix.

Don’t believe me? Here is your 5-minute proof. This is me at 9am on the streets of NYC – scaring everyone in the Flatiron District with my Medusa-like silvers sticking out (and no makeup hence the hiding).

BEFORE (I even made sure to really highlight them for you):


And this is me, one hour later after my 45-min class and shower at Uplift Studios. Amazing transformation isn’t it?

No more grays! Haha – okay, so you can’t just hide them under a hat forever, ladies! Here is the real close up to show you my luscious, BROWN roots. Who would ever know this was just a touch up spray?

I may not have discovered the secret to youth, but really, who wants to be 20 again anyways? So rock your age with pride – stop hiding under a hat – and no one has to know that those grays are covered.


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