31 > 30

Tomorrow I am 31 weeks pregnant.
Thursday I am 31 years old.

Where does the time go? As much as it is bittersweet and time seems to fly by faster and faster every day as we get older (and closer to the end of pregnancy) – I have to admit that although life has its ups and downs and surprises – it more how you handle the twists and turns than what you’re dealt.

Although I will always cherish my wild 20s and the lavish life of a bartender I led, I am glad to see that 30s have brought on a more grown-up appeal, and satisfaction. Even though I am 40 lbs heavier (yes, I just admitted that! so to those of you who gain more/less …. good luck!) I feel pretty good about my nice round belly that carries the new love of my life.

So for “kicks and giggles” before the baby comes – I thought I’d take you on a lil mini trip down memory lane —– ENJOY!

MY 20s –

MY 30s –


WOW – Things really do change when you can look at them that way.

So I figured tonight would be a good time to have a refresh on the BELLY PICS! (click here to view the updated shots)!!!!

And we will see what the next 9 weeks (and another 31 years of life) will bring! Cheers!

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