5 Organic Baby Products for Mom and Baby

Way back many many years ago when Maximo was first born, I read a few articles about cancer-causing agents in top brand shampoos like Johnson and Johnson. They “claimed” they were going to remove them (in up to five years), but who really wants to take their chances on a newborn?  Well, in the last couple of years I have done some research, and while I am not perfect, I try to eat, clean and also shower with organic products. aka – less chemicals. So here is a list of my 5 favorite organic baby products for mom and baby:

organic baby products

I am not trying to sound bougie or crunchy granola about being organic – my grandma still doesn’t understand the concept. That’s because back in her time, basic products WERE organic. Or well, farmers weren’t exactly concerned about the glow of their skin on the fields lol.

1. BabyGanics

organic baby products

Mentioned back in that original article, it’s always been my go-to brand since Maximo was born. Since it’s American-made right here in Long Island, it’s always easy to find, even in large stores like Target and Babies R Us! You have to love that they refer to their products as “baby-safe.” NeoNourish® is their own 100% natural, cold-pressed seed oil blend specifically made for the unique needs of babies’ ‘work in progress’ skin. Lately I’ve been obsessed with their natural insect repellant this summer. No bug bites, yet!  Yes, please!

2. Babo Botanicals

organic baby products

Babo Botanicals actually found me on Instagram. (I love social media). How could I not try products that all entirely made on an organic farm in upstate New York?  The Babo Botanicals Collection contains the certified organic Nutri-Soothe™ blend which combines chamomile, calendula, kudzu and watercress, rich in vitamin A, C and D to deliver maximum nutrients, protection and moisturization.  They make this amazing swim and sport shampoo and conditioner that’s great to use (even for us grown up adults) after a full day at the beach or pool full of chlorine.

BONUS: Babo Botanicals loves my readers so much they’ve offered you a special 25% off any purchase code valid through Aug 31! Just type in ‘SPORT25’ at checkout!

3. Le Salon Organic Products

organic baby products

I went to get my hair done the other day at the cutest little French salon in NYC. Boy was I in for a surprise. Le Salon is no joke – the owner and I had the most amazing chat about how women aren’t beautiful anymore – how we don’t take care of ourselves. (It’s true – when’s the last time you even brushed your hair??) She explained that we’ll spend all this money on plastic surgery and beauty products, but we always neglect our own hair – our most powerful statement. So after a seriously indulgent organic treatment to my tired tresses, I went home with my first brush in years (swear), and a full line of organic products for my hair. Now that I brush my hair everyday like I brush my teeth, its shine and natural wave is really starting to come out. I’ll never look back. Watch for my full review on Le Salon coming up next week! 

4. Baby Hampton 


I never really thought about this either, but my expat American friends advised me that sunscreens outside of the US aren’t tested on animals, while it’s a requirement here. Sounds awful right? That companies HAVE to burn animals to see if the SPF will protect us? I literally swore off American sunscreens after that (no joke – I have my friends in Australia and France bring me back the good stuff!). While it’s not the fault of the companies here, were just trying to protect our kids too, I have found that I have to use sunscreens that at least are organic and no chemically-laced as well. Baby Hampton is one of my favorites because it comes as a glide on stick that is easy to apply on a swiggly toddler. AND it’s small and lightweight to fit in a diaper bag you’ll be lugging all over the city on a hot day without weighing you down.

5. The Honest Company

organic baby products

I am usually never a fan of celebrity-endorsed products, but I actually met Jessica Alba at the Biggest Baby Shower when I was pregnant, and heard her speak about the product. As a mom herself, she was passionate about protecting her own children. And let’s admit it, her diaper collection for The Honest Company is seriously adorable. Organic diapers and wipes are about as close to nature as you’re going to get to cloth or no diapers at all. Since I just can’t without a washer or dryer in my tiny apartment, we stick to organic. They’re obviously going to be more than your Target-brand diapers, but they are always running awesome specials on their site where you can get a large bulk order for a pretty hefty discount.

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  1. Robin Rue August 5, 2014 at 7:23 pm

    I love the natural insect repellent. I think I should get some for my family.

    • Stephanie August 5, 2014 at 8:54 pm

      i LOVE the insect repellent – we’ve used it a lot this year and I am glad it’s chemical-free.

  2. Momma Told Me August 5, 2014 at 7:23 pm

    I’ve heard of all of them except Babo Botanicals I will have to check it out- these are some great brands for organic mommies!

    • Stephanie August 5, 2014 at 8:55 pm

      LOVE Babo! They’re a great company and communicate well with moms, too.

  3. Stefany @ ToBeThode August 5, 2014 at 7:53 pm

    I have not tried any of these but have heard of them all. I am going to have to give them a chance soon! Thanks for the recommendations.

    • Stephanie August 5, 2014 at 8:55 pm

      glad to help!

  4. TweenselMom August 5, 2014 at 8:00 pm

    We love organic products! I hope we have these products in the Philippines.

    • Stephanie August 5, 2014 at 8:55 pm

      I am sure they can ship there!

  5. Trisha Grimes August 5, 2014 at 8:17 pm

    I’ve always been a fan of BabyGanics products and plan on using them with baby #2 in December. I’m also interested in trying products from the Honest Company.

    • Stephanie August 5, 2014 at 8:56 pm

      yes Babyganics are AMAZING – and they’re so great to work with – they love moms and that’s important to me as a company!

  6. Mrs. Mashed Up August 5, 2014 at 9:19 pm

    We have used BabyGanics. I love their entire product line. Always gentle, and always works as advertised.

  7. Jaime Huff August 5, 2014 at 10:52 pm

    Looks like great products for those who have little ones!

  8. Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell August 6, 2014 at 2:29 am

    I’m so glad there is such a nice variety of options available now. It’s so important to be sure our kids are safe.

  9. Kero August 6, 2014 at 3:10 am

    Parents nowadays are very lucky to have so many organic yet affordable choices. thank you for sharing!

  10. Ann Bacciaglia August 6, 2014 at 9:34 am

    I love all these options as there were hardly any when my kids were young, I have heard great things about the honest company.

  11. Katrina Gehman August 6, 2014 at 2:07 pm

    babo has such great products!! I will have to try out the other ones.

  12. Maggie King August 6, 2014 at 8:08 pm

    I love the honest company products!

  13. Amber Nelson August 7, 2014 at 10:42 pm

    These look like great products and I have heard so many great things about the Honest Company that I’d be willing to try them.

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