Adam Glassman Says Shoulders, Ruffles and Color are in for Spring


NYC. The city of dreams, bums and lots of concrete. It may always look appealing to the outsider (trust me, it’s still appealing to the millions of us who live here or we wouldn’t be paying what we pay), but I always try to point out the realism. We’re not rushing off to beautiful art gallery openings in Louboutins every single day. Nor are we taking horse and carriage rides like Carrie and Big in designer gowns and suits. However, we are still trend setters, and we like to be. That doesn’t mean we just wake up and know wtf we should wear. Luckily, big magazines, creative directors and world-famous designers also live here. So, when Adam Glassman, Oprah’s style director for over 15 years hosts an intimate spring style event at O Magazine, you feel inclined to see what he has to say. Let me pass on the wealth. 

Style is for everyone


First and foremost, it should be empowering for you to know that large companies (like JC Penney) and influential media outlets (like Oprah Magazine) are really pushing for the everyday female. Size isn’t a zero anymore. And this is highlighted on the cover of O Mag this month (did I mention that’s my girl Shanquia Garvin right there with Oprah on the cover?) that Oprah shared it for the first time with others – and women of all shapes and sizes. We just want to look great and feel good at the same time, and finally, there is a trend going back to when curves, muscle and being a woman is sexy. 

Bold Colors, Shoulders and Stripes


Unlike true New Yorker fashion, black is in the back. That doesn’t mean throw away all your black (come ON now…this is NYC), but don’t be afraid to pop a little color. As seen here, I attempted a bold green top with an asymmetrical designed pencil skirt. And of course, we had to Snap Chat our outfits together. (You can find me at @missstephanieb). If you peek up, you’ll see Gayle (Oprah’s bestie) rockin’ stripes, and one of my favorite new trends? Shoulders. Listen, shoulders are sexy, and they’re an easy piece of real estate to show off. Just walking down the street you’ll see a lot of cut outs and shoulder-less options in the store windows. 

Tips by Adam

I am in no way a style expert. I would wear Guns n’ Roses tees and jeans with pig tails everyday if I could get away with it. It’s the PA girl in me. So don’t feel intimidated by fashion – just have solid pieces your’re comfortable with and then listen to the experts:



  1. Warm Weather is the perfect excuse to show off a statement-making print. Wear the trend in unexpected ways by mixing prints or experimenting with interesting fabrics such as neoprene or lace.
  2. What plaid was to fall, stripes are to spring. You’ll see them in everything. Designers are mixing things up with stripes in all directions, weight, and color. Now finding a flattering stripe is as easy as ever.
  3. For home, bold, Bauhaus-inspired geometrics will add a new dimension to your decor this spring. Brighten up an unadorned space with a pattered run, or update your dining room decor with small touches of bold tableware.
  4. Steal a little Mediterranean chic from the runway with breezy pieces for your home. Infuse your outdoor living space with oceanic themed accents and enjoy that “by the sea” feeling all season long. 

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