Adventure Playground, A Child’s Junkyard, Opens in NYC May 2016

Adventure playground NYC

Let’s be honest, our little urbanite children are growing up a bit soft. I realized this the other day when I was adventuring out in the middle of no where with Max myself and we had the chance to stay at this gorgeous bed and breakfast. It was so obsolete of existence that they didn’t even have wifi or cell phone service. THE HORROR. All they had was one lowly cord-attached phone in the kitchen. A shared phone. I pussied out and packed up the car and headed back to the city, only to guilt myself with citified realism – I had gotten soft just like all the other city dwellers.

Where were the days of climbing unattended mountains in Colorado with real rattlesnakes and sharp cliffs of my childhood? Was I turning Max into a iPad zombie without even realizing it? We need to be better than that. 

Adventure Playground on Governors Island May 2016


So I was excited to hear that play:ground, a local nonprofit has raised enough funds on their Kickstarter campaign to bring Adventure Playground to Governors Island this summer! May exactly – just in time for my birthday! That means the island will be littered (literally) with old tires, wood pallets, cardboard boxes, string, paint and all sorts of things you would find laying around in the front yard of a red neck. 

Finally, Max can grow up tinkering with all the weird shit I did as a kid – and then still go back and see all the bums while he rides the slides in his neighborhood playground. Best of both worlds, right?

No Parents Allowed

This special mud hole will be supervised by three staff members, but parents are encouraged to stay out. I mean, did our parents hover over our heads when we were making mud sticks? Hell no they had way better things to do like smoke cigarettes and drink PBRs! So yes, you should probably accompany your child to the ferry-only access island, but then – set them free. 

The playground is set to open when Governors Island opens for the summer season – May 28. It will be free and open to the public.

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  1. play:ground March 16, 2016 at 9:37 pm

    HI Stephanie! Thank you so much for featuring play:ground, we can’t wait for you to join us this summer. We just want to let you and your readers know that we have NOT completed our kickstarter campaign – we still need more backers! The more we raise (over the goal) the more days we can be open and the more outreach events we can do in schools and neighborhood playgrounds. We would love for your readers to support us!

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