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This Protein Powder Just Upped Your Smoothie Game

Refueling your body with the correct and most necessary nutrients after a workout is essential and important. Some want to reach for an indulgent treat feeling they deserved it for completing such strenuous exercise whereas others are meticulous about what they put in their body down to the last gram. Regardless of where you stand [...]

The best way to enjoy the Winter Games 2018

This is a sponsored post on behalf of our partnernship with Babbleboxx. The Winter Games are so underrated. If you’ve ever gotten on a board or skis and attempted to go down a hill on ice, only to get beat up, take some falls and walk into the lodge utterly exhausted yet on a “snow high,” [...]

This Grill Lets You Bring the Tailgate Indoors

Growing up in Pittsburgh, we might take football slightly seriously more than others. We're attending a Big Game party tomorrow, and have to bring some dishes to share. So clearly we wanted to bring the best of the best - the staples that hold football season together - sausages and buffalo chicken dip. I laughed [...]

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Yinzer Snacking Is Taking Over The Big Game

This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx.com on behalf of popchips® The winter's most anticipated day of the year is almost here - the Big Game. And while the teams may not be who we had hoped (ahem, wrong city, PA!), that doesn't mean us true football fans hold back from the real competition - feasting [...]

Philadelphia Eagles are (Literally) Angry Birds

It's always been Shitsburgh vs. Filthadelphia. But when it's them against the Pats, we always cheer for the east side of the state. Plus, Philly has a serious food scene happening lately. So - Eagles, let's do this. Just in time for Big Game happening in less than two weeks, Rovio and the NFL also [...]

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Lucky Charms Frosted Flakes are Real and As Tasty As You Hoped

General Mills sponsored this post, all the opinions are my own. It's here folks - a New Year. We trudged through the end of 2017 really ready for a change - ready to take on the new hope of a promising year with a vengeance. This year will #bebetter. We're moms - we are ready [...]

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Fans Favor the Black and Gold with Eight Pro Bowl Players

Photo Credit: http://www.visitorlando.com/probowl/ Perseverance and adversity has been big for just about every football team this year. From suspensions to injuries, it's no secret that this season has been unpredictable each week. One positive for the Pittsburgh Steelers was the multiple players sent to the 2018 Pro Bowl. This is the 17th straight [...]

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