Finding The Car That Fits Your Personality

VWEach year (or actually month) it seems is bringing more and more adventure our way, and more and more I’ve been debating getting car. If you’ve seen the last few of my posts, you’ve seen that we’ve been testing out a few – from the new VW Atlas in Vermont to roading tripping to Pittsburgh, Cape Cod and the Poconos in Ford and Mazda. Then is week we popped in to see the new Cars 3 movie and realized auto is still as big of a passion (and on my mind!) as it has always been. I miss owning a car – especially after seeing a new tech-fancy lady car zooming around on screen. 

As Autotrader says, “Every car has a personality – find the one that fits yours.”

So how does one actually decide on a vehicle? It’s a big decision and investment in life – especially when you have to put that said vehicle on the streets in NYC. And now it seems like it’s sort of like buying a pet – you want one that fits your lifestyle – not just a “truck that is brown” like my parents would look for.

Being a prior automotive girl myself, I knew there were some fab tools out there to help like Kelley Blue Book and Autotrader, but after talking to peers, I realized that car buying doesn’t come easy for everyone – so I decided to share a few quick tips on how to use the Autotrader Car Match Tool to help get started.

You already have an idea of the vehicle you want:

  • seats six or more
  • is electric and environmentally green
  • is cheap and can get banged up on NYC Streets
  • will look good in my Instagram photos

Yes seriously – you can ASK the Autotrader Car Match Tool these questions to help filter it down. Even Mercedes has an electric car these days, and VW makes an SWV that starts at only $30K (trust me, that a deep discount from the base of $50K that started when I bought a Hummer back in 2008). 


What about warranties? Apple Car Play? Heated Seats? 

Come on now, this is Autotrader – they’ve been around longer that you have been born. I still remember my stepdad picking up free copies of the print book back when I was a kid that was left as a reading tool in the bathroom. And we used to buy and sell our own vehicles using it. Hey, back in the day in the country you did that! You weren’t buying fancy luxury cars with leather and BlueTooth – you were lucky if the windows rolled down using your arm grease in the summer!

me and my Hummer back in 2008.

Surprisingly this actually matched me with Toyota Highlander. Ok, so yes I love big trucks and hybrids – but I’ve always been an American girl buying domestic vehicles, so the fact that Toyota was still in the game threw me off – was it what I really needed? Stay tuned to see if I end up getting one! 

Some Stephanie-approved tips from Autotrader when searching for a new car:

  • Not sure about how or where to start your search? Autotrader is an excellent resource for great tips and expert advice that makes car shopping easier.
  • Having so many car choices can be confusing. Autotrader’s Car Match tool will open up a whole new world of options to get you excited!
  • If you’ve narrowed down your car options, but need a bit more information, Autotrader allows you to compare cars and features that provide you with valuable information to make a final, smart choice.
  • Don’t get stuck on a vehicle’s “reputation.” Autotrader helps you do your due diligence to research specific models, and may also surprise you with a perfect match you’d never considered (remember – cars have come a long way so one you may not have liked before may surprise you now!). 
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