Bits and Bites You’ll Want to Scoop Up for the Big Game


Ok so that game on Sunday night has us all a little extra sad this week as we know the beloved black and gold won’t be heading to the Big Game in Houston. But what better time to embrace the cold and game as a way to drown our sorrows in food! This of course means – why spend all the time in the kitchen? January is always my “month off” – I like to hibernate, and like any good bear, that means loading up on a few pounds for the winter. I mean, we have time to burn it back off before bikini season, right?

Instead of making resolutions, we take the month to just enjoy, indulge and put our feet up a little. And thats where Babbleboxx comes in. Being the fully lazy New Yorker than I am, getting food delivered directly to me is a must. Food that’s ready and pre-picked that pairs perfectly with football (and maybe EVEN organic)? EVEN BETTER. So we decided to give the Babblebox Bits and Bites a little pregame action before the Big Game to make sure these snacks would be on your speed dial for February 5. 

Let’s take a closer peek shall we? Just try not to drool on your smartphone and or start nibbling on it.

BIG AZ Cheeseburger, AZ Kickin’ Jalapeno Cheeseburger, BIG AZ Country Fried Chicken Sandwich & BIG AZ Biscuit Stacker


You guys, this has yinzer written all over it. Literally – that name?? This reminds me of those delicious burgers we used to grab late at night after a football game. And now they’re chillin’ in my freezer ready for me to pop in the toaster oven well I need my Pittsburgh fix. Nothing says mourning the loss of the Steelers like a Big AZ burger. Seriously.

Did someone say a massive protein-packed beef patty topped with a decadent slice of American cheese, and all sewed on our world famous sesame bun? Sure did. Or a buttermilk biscuit with sausage, egg and cheese? Maybe you want to save this for the morning AFTER the Big Game if you have a Big AZ headache, too. 🙂 

Oh – and don’t forget to grab this $1 off coupon before you order!

Garden of Eatin’ Tortilla Chips


Garden of Eatin’ has been in our food pantry for years. It was really one of the first organic, non-GMO items we started buying on a daily basis. I am a fat kid at heart, and one thing I’ve always loved is a good crunch. So when you know you’re chowing on a better option, it’s not quite as a cheat food, right? Another cool fact, these tortilla chips also come gluten-free. I am enjoy gluten myself, but many friends and even clients of mine cannot, so I love having these on hand to snack on if someone stops by. I mean you never know when someone’s gonna pop by to watch a football game. #justsaying

Better Bean Co Dips


I love beans. They’re such a versatile item to keep in your fridge. They’re good on their own to eat with chips, mix into a dip. I top them on a quick tortilla with other leftovers in the fridge and even throw them on my eggs with breakfast. These Better Beans are non-GMO and an easy source of protein. I know I am not the only football lover with bean dip on-hand!

Full Sail Brewery Session Premium Lager 


Football is not complete without beer. If you know me, I am really a whiskey drinker, but you’ll always find me sipping a beer as a chaser (who does that? A Pittsburgher) or to take the edge off a seriously stressful football game in front of you. Plus, let’s just be real. Beer just tastes delicious with football foods like burgers, dips and chips, and us Yinzers love a good, dark lager (and this one even comes in a retro, cool bottle). Luckily, this Full Sail Brewery Lager is available just down the street at the local bodega. Scoop some up before the Big Game before they sell out!


This is a sponsored post by on behalf of Single Edition Media, but of course, the love of football and food is always real and authentic! Thanks for supporting Football, Food and Motherhood.

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