Baby Food for the Novice Mom – The Spuni Spoon

Having a baby really effs up your living chi. I used to waste money and time shopping at Home Goods for useless knick knacks (yeah, laugh you KNOW you get sucked in too). Now my home is innovative with baby food splatter all over my kitchen counter walls. My fancy hard-wood floors are now fluffy carpeting, littered with Cheerios and bananas.

Sometimes I just leave all the Cheerios for Maximo to find the next day like a baby treasure hunt. Yep! Watch that crunch on the floor when you’re visiting.

The worst though? Trying to feed Maximo and keep it off the carpet. Sometimes I feel like Dexter and need to drape the entire room in plastic wrap just to eat breakfast. Have you tried to clean dried baby food out of a carpet? Yeah – just wait.

The Spuni Launch Event

baby food

Now that Maximo is Mr. New York, he gets invited to all these super cool events in the city. At least at this age he’s not embarrassed to have his mom in tow. So last week we ventured into TriBecA for the Spuni Launch Event at the New York Kids Club. I am always intrigued to see what cool new products they have invented for moms – we’ve come a long way since they used to feed me out of a tin food

So we started chatting with Jessica, the Director of Business Development at Spuni, and she walked us over to try out this infamous new spoon that is revolutionizing the way babies eat. Maximo NEVER says no to food, so of course he was ‘eating up’ the attention to try this new spoon. My first reaction? AMAZINGLY CLEAN EATING. Usually Maximo has food spread all over his face like a paint canvas. Not. this. time. We attracted quite the crowd to watch in awe – and I must say – spoonful after spoonful of sweet potatoes, Maximo remained amazing clean.

baby food


Baby Food for the Novice Mom

They didn’t pay me to write any of this – I just thought it was pretty freaking amazing that my 1 year old could have a ‘cleaner’ eating experience that I wanted to spread the news, especially if you live in a carpeted home like me!

We attempted the Spuni at home, and it did the same thing – clean! It wasn’t just a magic trick! Now, can they help me keep Maximo clean eating watermelon with his hands???

To see all the photos from the event and learn more about Spuni – visit their Facebook page.

So if you want to order one of these cool new little spoons, you can from their website –


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