Best 2015 Baby Products from the NY Baby Show

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Baby products might update and change faster than technology – and since I have preggo and new moms out there – it’s necessary to pass along all the new goodies I come across – cause everything I had just three years ago with Max is totally outdated already. (AND NO- I’m not one of the pregnant ones since I know you’re wondering). t’s just part of my job – being a socialite mom who loves to know what is happening and trendy in mom world – and of course, to get to chit chat and meet up with other fellow moms in NYC. That’s what life is all about right?


Being a NYC mom/blogger/editor, I am part of an incredible community of fun, talented ladies and spending time with them is one of the best perks of the job – it also doesn’t hurt that MomTrends likes to throw exclusive #MomTrendsLounge events and areas for us to mingle in either. 

But now on to the stuff you want to add to your Gugu Guru baby registry:

1. Primary


This is like American Apparel for babies – without the hefty price tag. All of their brilliant basics are $25 or less -that includes hoodies, dresses, pants – you name it. Kids grow way too fast and stain with food and playgrounds way too much to be spending insane amounts of money on trendy clothes. I still buy Max some fun staples, but for everyday wear, these are our new go-to pieces. You’ll be seeing Maximo wearing them a lot soon in our Instagram photos. 

2. Mommy Nearest


Shamless plug for the best app for new parents and growing – yes I may have been with Mommy Nearest since day one, and be the NY Editor – but this app gets better and better. We’re now in over six major cities (New York, San Francisco, LA, Chicago, Boston, Washington DC) and expanding into Miami and Philadelphia this summer. This a location-based app that will show you the closest changing tables, which restaurants really DO have room for strollers or high chairs, and where to grab the closest emergency diaper – among others. Listen, I still use it daily, and really plan to use it when we visit DC later this month. Did I mention we curate TONS of amazing local and national content? It’s free – you’ll thank me later.

3. Hatch Things


Good GOD it’s about time someone came up with this! Until I transitioned into our lightweight stroller for subway travel around the city, I didn’t realize just how HARD it is to travel with a reliable diaper bag or just travel bag that doesn’t tip and toss everything onto those nasty NYC streets every time your toddler jumps up. Yeah, gross. Thankfully, Hatch Things has you covered. This bag clips onto the side of your stroller, and comes in six different vibrant colors. You can grab one on Amazon for only $17 here. 

4. Snuza Hero


When Max was first born, I had a lot of sleepless nights – not because he was keeping me up, but because I would rush to place my hand softly on his belly to see if he was still breathing. In fact, I still do – especially when he’s sick, or even just fallen asleep in the car. That just means we’re concerned moms! But this cute little clip on contraption monitors the subtlest movements and breaths for you. Movements that are are weak or occur less than 8 per minute (or if no movement is detected for 15 seconds), this little gizmo will vibrate gently to stimulate your baby. If this occurs three times, a Rouse Warning will alert you, and if there is still no movement detected for 5 seconds, an alarm will go off. You can pick one up (and sleep better!) on Amazon for only $99.

I was compensated by MomTrends to attend this baby show, but all opinions are my own. 
Photo credits: MomTrends, Hatch Things, Mommy Nearest, Primary, Snuza Hero.

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