Surviving Summer: Beyond The Screen


Survey says, Max is bored being home with me everyday, all day. 

You think I would have learned my lesson. 

I used to laugh reading all those Facebook posts of moms cringing that summer was coming – that they were already counting down the days until their kids were BACK in school. It can’t be THAT BAD right? I mean, for those few years before pre-k Max never went to school anyways!

Right now today I say with full honestly – how the F did I ever get anything done???

It’s only about a week into summer vacation and I am stressing. You are torn between being a bad mom – letting your kid sit around and watch movies and play on an iPad while you get work done – and just being out of a routine. I used to get up and get him out the door everyday – now I the exercise itch because I’m not only NOT going to classes almost every day like I used to, but we aren’t even leaving the house – except to perhaps go down stairs to our pool for a few hours out of guilt. 

Now I see why parents are investing in those hefty price tag summer camps – it’s just better for everyone!

So, you learn as you go, and I’m here to let you know – summer is hard. So I’ve been scrambling to find some solutions. Of course, one is summer camp – Max will be going to a mix between his new school and NY Kids Club this summer, but still that leaves him here at home two days a week. I can’t have him just playing on iPads, and the pool only lasts so much. So beyond the usual day trips we take for work to Coney Island and NYC museums – I found a fun addition to our household to keep Max entertained through education.

Beyond The Screen

D-Product Explanation-How to Play

Brilliant name if you ask me – because it really is what lays past the electronics. We peeked into a private event last week with some other fellow moms to try out these new “board games of the future” and I was pleased to see what they have come up with. 

I am obviously the mom who prefers adventure and exploring over indoor toys and games, but you have to have a quality set of items at home on supply for those days that you are. So between Legos and Playdoh, we have a gadget.

This Beyond Tablet comes with three components – a “board,” different game “maps,” and then the pieces to go with that game. One of our favorites? A newer tactical version of Battleship with submarines you place on the board. They also have musical options, memory games and a sudoko style board that you can mix and match as you go.  


You would think this would be a great Christmas gift, but I’m going to go and say – gift yourself for summer and get your kids one of these so they can educationally be entertained for a while instead of just watching mind numbing YouTube videos.

Anyways, it’s only July 7 and we have a long way to go – stay tuned to see what else we find this summer to survive until back to school! 

About Beyond Tablet:


Cost: $199 for the main board (with 4 games), $19-$49 for additional games.

This is a sponsored post by Beyond Tablet. Thank you for supporting Football Food and Motherhood! 

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