#TreatYoSelf with Brio because Brio Loves You Back


Boys will be boys. They love getting dirty, jumping off couches, laying around in their underwear and of course, eating – A LOT. So if they are going to be tossing back containers of ice cream, I’d prefer it to be something slightly better for them. As you know, we’re big fans of eliminating artificial ingredients and GMOs here, and they can sneak up on you in places you don’t expect – like treats.

But it’s your lucky day – and we’ve been doing our homework to find some better options (as you’ll find all throughout this blog! ahem), and I must say, Brio is doing a pretty good job. Organic whole milk, gluten-free, natural flavorings…basically the best you can ask for besides milking your own cow and churning it. 


And best news: these flavors were kid-tested (and more importantly kid-approved).

After a fun “boys only” sleepover party, we realize that while us moms like to try and have fun with a cute little ice cream bar full of toasted mini pancakes, chocolate chips, marshmallows and more… boys are much more simpler, like Brio, and wanted to eat it right out of the cute little mini containers (they even come with their own built in spoons).


So, us moms were left to eat our classic Steelers Nation (black and gold), Halloween-themed, and good ole’ fashioned “Murica” sandwiches. Hey, it was Saturday night. Calories don’t count on weekends. 

So why Brio? The Facts.

Because we should be holding snacks and treats to a higher level these days. Brio contains six grams of protein (thank you ORGANIC whole milk!), probiotics, macronutrients, and 40 percent LESS added sugar. And the flavors are all-natural – even strawberry – using real strawberry puree. And, you’re getting products from happy cows and happy farmers. That’s worth paying a little more for everyone.

Win Your Own!

Tell us what you would use YOUR Brio for below: Ice Cream in your office? A solo night on the couch watching Netflix? And you can win your own six-pack of flavors to try! One lucky winner will receive a packet of coupons to try all six flavors from their local store (and you can find Brio all over NYC!), including:

  • Madagascar Vanilla
  • Very Strawberry
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Chocolate Caramel
  • Tropical Mango
  • Cafe Latte

Enter here! Winner will be picked on October 8th!

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This is a sponsored post by Brio Ice Cream. Thanks for supporting Football Food and Motherhood!

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