A Crucial Catch – Get Screened Now


It seems like breast cancer is just screaming in our faces these days – it’s nearly impossible to not know someone who has been affected by this disease. Personally, I lost both of my aunts to it at an early age, and before there was a lot of treatment available. I watched them both leave us way too fast.

Now, I see friends who are my own age going through it – like Denise Albert with The Moms. She’s going to be okay, and she’s bravely documented her entire journey from receiving a clean bill of health at her mammogram. It happens, and as a mom who is aging, it’s terrifying. But there is one thing her and the NFL are really trying to stress to us – GET SCREENED. Early detection is key.

It’s scary, but really, it’s not IF but WHEN cancer can strike. Or any disease. The best option we can do is try and deal with it in the early stages, and the best way to do that is to go out and get a mammogram right now (recommended starting at age 40), or at least, sign up right here at the American Cancer Society. They will SEND YOU A REMINDER, based on your age, when you are ready to get one – because it’s on my mind right now and might not be in five years.

But wait, aren’t people WAY YOUNGER than 40 getting breast cancer? 

I am not even close to a doctor, but be proactive, ladies. Talk to them, see if you have dense breasts like Denise, see if it runs in your family history, see if you have any early risks. Just getting a yearly physical is CRITICAL. I mean, we’re moms we want to be around for a while right?

Screening In 3 Steps

  1. Go here and sign up to get your screening reminder.
  2. Tag a friend or share with them to do the same.
  3. Use the hashtag #NFLPink because the more we raise the trending topic, the more lives we can save.




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