Spreading Cheer for All to Hear!

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If you haven’t noticed, the current trend is to seek happiness. Individual happiness. But I think the secret is in our relationships. No matter how exhausted you feel after cooking and cleaning for 20 people in your home all day for Thanksgiving, or how horrible your last road trip with three moms and five kids was, you come out of it feeling fulfilled.

Nothing is better than a conversation with others to just vent, seek advice, or gloat a little bit about that last project you slayed.

So call it the perfect storm, but the holidays actually beg you to do this. So why not do it more? While you’re at Walmart trying to grab all those last minute Christmas presents, look for these 2-liters with the Salvation Army logo on them – every time you buy one, you’ll give back, too, with a donation!

PS – I picked up all five 2-liters for only $5 while in Walmart in Pittsburgh. Gotta love those deals!

And now you have all these ingredients to work with at home to create some fun cocktails (and mocktails!) for the holidays. So pick a night and invite everyone over with the kids to watch some bad Christmas movies (or just the girls to catch up on sappy Christmas romance on the Hallmark Channel.

Rosemary Cranberry Spritz


8oz. 7-Up
Fresh cranberries
Sprig of Rosemary
4 oz of your favorite liquor – I prefer Mezcal (tequila) but you can use Vodka, Gin or even Rum here. You can even substitute in white wine!
Squeeze of fresh lemon, lime or both


1. Santa just brought me a Vitamix for Christmas (okay a little early on Black Friday!), so the easiest way to do this is to throw all the ingredients in the blender and make a fun, frozen margarita style cocktail. The fizz from the 7-Up is going to give you a nice foam on top, which is why I chose to place it in pretty little champagne flutes.

Orange You Glad It’s The Holidays


8 oz. Squirt
Fresh orange, squeezed (we used Cuties! from Walmart – which double as fun snacks for the kids!)
Margarita salt
4 oz of your favorite liquor – I prefer Mezcal (tequila) but you can use Vodka, Gin or even Rum here. You can even substitute in white wine!


1. Again, keep it simple with cocktails, fresh fruit juice, liquor and a mixer (Squirt) will keep it fizzy and fun, and delicious! Just make sure to mix in a separate glass and then pour into the salt-rimmed mug to serve.

2. Notice all the festive lights in the background – while you’re at Walmart – don’t forget to pick up some new Christmas decorations – you can never have too much!


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