Driving Miss Preggo

Maybe it’s living in NYC, maybe it’s my aggressive driving, maybe it’s the pregnancy hormones – but do any other First Time Moms feel like no one else in the world can drive out there? Maybe it’s because I feel my motherly instincts to be protective are kicking in, but really, what’s going on out there New York???

Example 1. I was crossing the street in Columbus Circle the other day IN the CROSS WALK, WITH the WALK SIGN ON, 8 months pregnant. I know my bump is easy to miss these days. Anyways, a large truck with (sigh, yes, Pennsylvania plates) makes the turn and proceeds to almost CLIP me, only to stop at the stop light right in front of me? What do I do? Punch his truck of course, give him a few choice words, then wobble on my way. ** Yes, I really punched his truck. And based on what I do to cabbies in this city who “can’t take me to Queens because they need gas, or because they have to go to the bathroom, or because their meter is all of a sudden immediately broken,” he got off easy. (see photo compliments of the Gothamist – this ASSHOLE is reading a NEWSPAPER while driving. WTF. Ok, I am ending my cabbie rant now before the whole post becomes about cabbies).

Example 2. I am crossing the street yet AGAIN in NYC, this time with my preggo twin on our way to a street fair. mmmmmmmmmm street corn…. OK FOCUS. lol. Anyways, we’re crossing the street – TWO PREGGOS – NOT JUST ONE. And we’re crossing with the pedestrian walk light on. Now this FEMALE driver is trying to beat the system and not block the intersection, and literally, gasses her car RIGHT when we’re in FRONT of her. Really??? I gave her a few choice words, – I mean she’s a FEMALE! Aren’t we supposed to stand together and protect each other? This one is officially kicked out of the female group – may you NEVER find peace in your soul.

Example 3 – I was riding with Claudio in Pittsburgh last weekend and we were coming back from our maternity shoot when this car decided last minute to make the turn coming from the opposite direction, right in front of us. I mean, we literally had to swerve into oncoming traffic to miss him, and thank GOD no one was coming! I haven’t screamed that loud other than at a Bon Jovi concert in a while.


We all see the drinking and driving, texting while driving commercials and wrecks out there.  And I am not one to point my finger and give you the TISK TISK! But just give it some thought next time you get in the car. – You see a preggo crossing the street, STOP. You see a car coming? WAIT to turn. You want to take that Roadie with you? Well, just have a DD and crush it in the passenger seat. See, I am willing to compromise!

This blog post is brought to you by one angry mother to be who is feeling motherly and protective of not only her unborn child but all my other “children” out there. You know who you are 🙂

What’s up with Seat belts?

Is it just me, or are seat belts the most UNCOMFORTABLE thing in the WORLD as a pregnant person. Why hasn’t someone come up with a nice little padding or something to clip on to it so it doesn’t smoosh my belly? It HURTS! If someone can invent a nice, safe, comfortable car pillow for the seatbelt, I’ll glady try it out for you! #JustSaying.

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  1. Emily June 10, 2012 at 3:22 pm

    They do make seat belt products for pregnant women. http://www.onestepahead.com/catalog/product.jsp?productId=538099&cmSource=Search

    • slbarnhart June 10, 2012 at 3:24 pm

      Really? I’ve looked! What have you seen?

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