End of Summer – Maximo’s Ode to Corn

We’re still a little in denial that it is the end of summer. When did fall creep right in? No real complaints, fall is my FAVORITE time of year – however, were the F did summer go???? In true Maximo fashion, we felt it was necessary to have a summer sendoff with an ode-to-corn: Maximo’s favorite vegetable of the summer – and possibly all time. This post is purely to embarrass him once he reaches 13 years old.

If he could write a poem I think it would go like this (I think best read out-loud with Eddie Money’s I Think I’m In Love song playing in the background. Click here for added effect):


End of Summer: Maximo’s Ode to Corn


Oh Corn, you’re so delicious, I love to eat you even when I am not bored.


And waive you around like a warrior sword.

end of summer


I like to sit on my mom to eat it too.

end of summer

Oh corn, as long as you’re around I can never be blue!

end of summer

I like to eat you after I destroy mom’s TV stand.

end of summer


I like to eat you looking out the window while I stand. 

end of summer


I like to eat you on the floor in front of the fridge door.

end of summer

Oh corn, why do you have to leave at the end of summer, I just want to eat more!

end of summer


End of Summer.




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  1. Aunt Kim September 4, 2013 at 11:45 am

    OMG, priceless! Wonderful, timely topic – hope he takes this well years from now!

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