Why We All Are Entitled to a Mom’s Night Out


It’s pretty embarrassing, but honestly, sometimes it takes another mom company like Momtrends to PLAN an event to get me to actually allow a night out in the city anymore. With school five days a week, work busy as ever and a committed fitness routine, I am in a groove that really doesn’t allow for the fun and glamours social life that us moms are entitled to. Yes, even in NYC. Just like any other parent, I pick up from school, make dinner that my child doesn’t want to eat and try to answer emails and pick up the house in between an evening bubble bath and bedtime reads. Honestly my makeup wasn’t even touched for about 17 days straight. 

You can relate – and when the night comes, we think – I would rather just lay on my couch in my dirty sweats and watch another episode of Odd Mom Out. But, it’s just like going to the gym – once you get there you’re happy you did. 


And that was my Wednesday evening in the West Village. Surrounded by fellow moms and friends, sauvvy b and salted brownies, we chatted about first world problems on a rooftop and mingled with some brands to find some ways to forever solve the parenting world’s biggest crisis – making life just a little bit easier. Such as:

Getting Kids to Eat Just Somewhat Healthier than We Did


For 30 years, parents have trusted Earth’s Best to provide organic nutrition for their babies.  Now Earth’s Best is taking those same wholesome ingredients and offering nourishing meals for older kids. Yes, that means our toddlers who still refuse to eat anything green can get their goods by having that secretly slipped into the foods they WILL eat. It’s all about being one step ahead, folks. 

Avoiding Any New Smells in NYC


We probably have some of the best noses in the world. We can pick up all those nasty scents waifing around the city on the walk to school and back, so the last thing we want in our tiny little apartments is coming home to the scent of last night’s dinner rotting in the garbage can. Only Glad with Febreze neutralizes odors for up to 5 days – guaranteed.

Preschool Is Really Just Code for Cesspool of Sickness


Honestly. My son wasn’t sick ONCE over summer, school starts and we’ve been fighting back fevers and runny noses since three days in. It’s like planning for battle, ladies. You can’t go in empty handed. Prepare for the upcoming cold and flu season by stocking up now on Clorox Disinfecting Wipes, which kill 99.9% of germs including viruses that cause colds and flu. We basically live on these. Because really, you don’t know WHAT you stepped in along the way home or what might have scurried across your counters in the middle of the night – let’s be honest! IT’s NEW YORK CITY. #gag

One Good Deed a Day


No, I am not pregnant. But basically everyone I know is – or just had one. When it rains, it pours babies. And since we’re now moms, we’re obviously experts and need to send fun, cute little new care packages to our new moms and moms-t0-be. Philips Avent, the #1 reusable bottle brand and pacifier brand in the US, helps give babies a healthy start in life for a healthy future.

Hit That Snooze Button


Again, who has time to drink and socialize anymore when you’re getting up early as F every morning. Now instead of trying to make eggs and pancakes with one eye like a zombie as the coffee brews at 6am, I just pull out some pre-made ready to eat food from the fridge. Overnight Oats are a quick, easy, delicious, breakfast1/2 cup milk, 1/2 cup oats, top with your favorite ingredients, refrigerate overnight, and enjoy in the morning!

This is a obviously a sponsored post by Momtrends. 🙂 Thanks to the brands supporting Footballfoodandmotherhood.com, but as always I write my own opinions. Take them as you will.

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