Flower Delivery To The Rescue! The Bouqs

I am not a girlie girl. Shocker. But sometime’s a girl needs flowers. Either from herself, a secret admirer, or dad, nothing makes someone feel special like seeing a box of roses show up on your doorstep. Or in my case, your doorman. Anyways, I have new obsession with The Bouqs so I wanted to share. You can actually order flowers online for LESS than you can pick up that dead looking collection of weeds at your local bodega. Flower delivery is the new food delivery.

flower delivery

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Flower Delivery

The Bouqs actually grow their flowers on a volcano in South Africa. Seriously. That means they’re sourced only from eco-friendly, sustainable farms that respect the environment and their workers. And they only cut only what we sell. Other providers source from a supply chain that sees 1 in 3 stems wasted. Across hundreds of thousands of bouquets a year, that’s a lot of wasted land, resources, labor and fuel. We cut only when you order, so we avoid the waste.

So, do your part to support a farmer and not feel guilty to have something pretty cut from the environment for your office or living room. These flowers are meant just for you.

Summer Special!

Right now, you can get TWO for ONE – that means, get two amazing bouquet of amazing roses, and give one to your sister. Or neighbor. Or mom. Now there’s ZERO guilt.

flower delivery

Just thought I would brighten your Monday.



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  1. Janna Gallagher July 21, 2014 at 11:43 am

    I think i saw this on Shark Tank – they wouldn’t fund the the guy :(! I felt bad!

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