Go BIG for the BIG GAME


Alright you guys. It’s crunch time and if you’re still looking for something to just go all out with and make sure you and the guests go home in a complete food coma, you need to place an order ASAP with BurgaBox.

What is BurgaBox?

You are going to thank me for this – seriously. This concept comes from a restaurant in Boston (calm down Pittsburgh!) that now SHIPS THEIR FOOD! SO YOU CAN COOK IT. I mean, is this a mom’s football dream or what? Honestly – bar food just like back at home in Pittsburgh – without the bar! From burgers to mac and cheese to wings and fries – it’s like they knew the Yinzer in me was just craving a way to not really have to cook, and yet have all the comfort foods from back home.


The Best Part? #FEASTBOX

BurgaBox thinks with their stomachs that’s for sure. And um, we might have gone a little overboard here. 🙂 I went with the ultimate feast and tried everything from four different mac and cheese to three different fries and wings. Giddy up and buckle up kids, this feast is not for amateurs. 


Here’s the low-down and our favorites:

Seriously the best? The fries. Hands down.

They come frozen, and you can throw these bad boys right in the toaster over for about 16-20 minutes and get the best crispy fries of your life – at home. We heated up three different options on the stove:

Each come pre-packaged (with sauces and directions) and are so easy my four-year old could make. Well, you know, with supervision on the stovetop that is. 🙂

Just a few min later, we had hot crispy love. And I mean, who wants distractions from the Big Game? These puppies make themselves basically.

Pre-made mac and cheese. Guys, just pop in the over for around 30-40 min. No work. Our favorite? Nona’s meatball mac and cheese, with pulled pork coming in a high second. 

And the wings. These boneless wings are just as simple as the fries – pop in the toaster oven, toss in sauce and eat. The buffalo wings with their homemade ranch and blue cheese dressing. Seriously – I was transported right back to the homeland. 


Did I mention that baseball season home openers are right around the corner?? Looks like burgers are coming soon, too!

GET $15 off $45!

And the best news – BurgaBox SHIPS NATIONWIDE. So yes Pittsburgh, you can still eat from Boston even if you don’t like that city currently. 🙂 Order today to get your shipments in time! If you use code FOOTBALL15 you’ll get $15 off any order of $45 or more! Click here to start your food come today!

Have you tried BurgaBox? What is your favorite!

This is a sponsored post by BurgaBox, but all opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting Football Food and Motherhood. 

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