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If you’re going to hibernate from the New York City cold, at least do so in Broadway theater! On February 11, some friends from outer-space will be visiting for one day only at the Playstation Theater. This intergalactic family with fins is on a mission – to help save Earth, and they need us New Yorkers to join in the quest. Here’s why you’ll want to join us and come see Goldfish From Pluto live! 

Help Save Planet Earth

Mama Judy, Zen Koi, Kuiper, Boreal, and Baby Hydra are accidentally sucked into a shuttle and transported to Planet Earth while its dumping toxic sludge (from humans) in their own waters, only to find that their tech-savvy Grandma Nidia (of course -she is an Earthly fish!) has brought them to help with this murky mission.

The live show will center around important issues such as pollution, bullying, positive relationships and even healthy living initiatives (such as combating childhood obesity), as they encounter mean, mutant fish and work to save both their own and our planet from toxic waste being dumped in waters all through song, dance and explorative play on Saturday, February 11. The Goldfish from Pluto have been showcasing their mission statement across the country by bringing their characters to life through a mobile theme park, live performances and original music, community engagement, and now – Broadway!

So start the year off right with a positive show with the kids to educate them on the environment and the challenges we all face together as a planet! Want to learn more about Goldfish from Pluto and some of the amazing environment work they’re doing? Goldfish From Pluto also teamed up with Beneath the Waves, a globally-active non-profit organization that is working to conserve, protect, and restore the health of our oceans through research and education at a young age, and they’ll be a major part of the show and event, with an activation set up in our interactive lobby (did they say interactive? Yes – be sure to show up a little early!).

Where to get tickets:

Date and time: Saturday, February 11th, 11am.

Where: Playstation Theater (1515 Broadway)

Price: $27-$67 per ticket.

Grab your tickets here today!


We look forward to seeing you at the show! This is a sponsored post by Goldfish from Pluto, but as always, opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting the environment and Football Food and Motherhood!

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