Why We’re Currently Loving Good food Made Simple


We’ve been doing a lot of traveling lately (wait, that’s all the time) so it’s not as easy to say we will cook a healthy, unprocessed meal at home. But we still don’t want to give in and eat fast food, so what are our options? Luckily – it’s getting easier! Target is always a mom’s favorite place, but they’re giving a lot of natural and healthy stores a run for the money these days with healthier options. First laundry jumped on board – and now the freezer aisle.

We’ve always been a fan of Good food Made Simple for breakfast (they make these really tasty and organic breakfast burritos!), and just this March the expanded into lunch and dinner entrees. Plus, these simple ingredient freezer meals are only $3.99!

Using organic ingredients and simple, real foods like whole grains, organic veggies and humanely raised meats, Good food Made Simple focuses on flavor (they partnered with a professional chef to recreate restaurant-inspired recipes) that you can heat up quickly or on the go. 


We love to grab a few of these to heat up in our hotel rooms for a snack, or just grab as quick eats when we’re crashing at friends homes from Florida to Pittsburgh. Everywhere you can find a Target, even in the deep ends of the Poconos, so it’s become a staple travel item for having healthy, organic meals ready to eat.

Our favorites right now are the Three Pepper Beef (pictured above), Lemon Chicken and the Chicken Pad Thai

You can find most of the Good food Made Simple items in a Target near you. 

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Good food Made Simple, but all opinions are our own. Thanks for supporting Football Food and Motherhood!

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