Groupon’s Coupons #ForTheWin

Who doesn’t love a good deal?


In true New Yorker form, we like to pretend we don’t have time for weeding through coupons or sample sales racks to find a good deal. We do however, like them to be presented to us, on a shiny plate, and hopefully gluten-free. That’s why we love Groupon and their local deals on restaurants, shows and hello! Spas (just not the one’s having early morning sex parties…you know who I’m talking about). But Groupon has gotten even cooler – and not just for the trendy Manhattanites. So before you go stomping into Sephora for some Drybar blowout extender before tonight’s activities, you might want to try creepin’ Groupon’s Coupon’s to see if you can save enough cash to cover your Uber pool home. Or at least – score something for free. We love free stuff.

Did someone say a free Dr. Brandt’s mini face mask? You bet I did. And you did nothing – except toggle from Snap Chat to Groupon for a few seconds as you were walking into Sephora. I mean, what else are you going to do while waiting to pay in that line at Union Square? Life changing. I know. 

Bonus? GC’s are good for both in-store and online. So while you’re laying on the couch tonight watching reruns of Fuller House on Netflix, you can grab a $25 free driving credit from ZipCar. Say What? $25? That’s definitely enough time to hit up Trader’s Joes supermarket sweep style and pack everything into that electric car. 

Traveling? Keep an eye-out – Groupon’s Coupon’s also have fun deals to save a few bucks – like right now you can get 10% off your booking. Spring break anyone?

Simple. Convenient. And something worthwhile to browse while your nails are drying at the salon (they might even have a deal going!). 

Till next time NYC….

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