Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

So if you didn’t know (cause I definitely didn’t know) – it is tradition to shave the heads of newborn babies in the Latino culture. Well, maybe not all – but Claudio’s family is Uruguayan and Guatemalan and they both agree to it!

***UPDATE: I’m out here in Long Island thanks to Frankenstorm and I asked his dad directly about it – I am wrong – actually Guatemalans are AGAINST it as they think it will cause the child to not want to talk, and they even knew a child who didn’t talk till he was 4 who got the head shaved, coincidence??—no worries in Maximo he never stops chatting it up— and in Uruguay, they always shave it mostly because it is just going to fall off anyways – since newborns who are born with hair lose it anyways – aka like max’s balding spots below haha). Apparently, this old wives tale makes their hair grow in thicker so they won’t bald later in life. Well, have you SEEN Latino hair?? I mean it is pretty thick and silky, and I don’t see a lot of balding latino men – hellllo Enrique — so maybe they know something the rest of the scientific advanced world of balding doesn’t?!  I LOVED Maximo’s hair when he was first born – it was sooo cute, so I fought tooth and nail to keep it. I couldn’t imagine shaving off all that beautiful hair! Claudio would always tease me and scare me that it was going to go Barnhart!!!
Nope. Never going to Happen.

Well, as Maximo was turning 3 months old – I realized that BOTH of us were starting to lose our hair. Yep that’s right moms! Get ready for the 3-month-your-hair-starts-to-fall-out-point-when-3-months-later-you-think-pregnancy-problems-are-finally-over.

Maximo’s was rubbing off where his was rubbing on his sleeper at night. awwweeeeeeeee haha (he will KILL me for sharing this photo when he’s older – )

So I caved- I couldn’t stand Maximo having a balding line at 3 months already – so I said – go ahead dad!! Well, I admit, I shed a tear. It was hard to watch – but Maximo seemed to LOVE IT. I mean, there isn’t much this kid DOESN’T like haha – so it made it a lot easier – so let me introduce the newly shaved Maximo:
***Update*** It’s been two weeks and it’s starting to grow back! Yay! He looks like a little Biff from Back to the Future. LOL

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  1. Aunt Kim October 29, 2012 at 12:49 pm

    Claudio, you got some ‘splaining to do with Great Grandma! LOL, are there any other family traditions we should prep for? It’s all good.

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  3. Nadya October 18, 2013 at 9:06 am

    Hello Stephanie!!! How are you and how is your Sweet One?
    Well I just read this pretty story of yours) Jesus! Maximo is so cute and funny on those pics lol.
    Apparently it’s not only in the Latino culture but in Russia we also have this kind of tradition “to shave baby’s hair”. In Richard’s case – he didn’t have any hair at 3 months, which is quite a contrary of what i did expect. Cause my husband has such a great hair like an everybody in his family. The reason is the same as you described above – Latin American descent, his mother from Columbia. But well:( it seems like Richard got mine.

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