Healthy Snack Recipes Kid – Sweet Potato Crisps From Across The Pond

Looking for some already tested and tried healthy snack recipes kid approved?  We’ve jumped the pond on this one to bring you Football Food and Motherhood’s First Official Guest Recipe from Dominika Tracy in London!

sweet potato crisps

Some things just don’t work dressed up as skinny – like me in tight jeans, for example, or low fat French fries. You can’t remove half of the ingredients from a tried and tested formula and pretend everything’s still fine. Something’s gotta give and it’s usually either the taste or nutritional value that suffers.

Think reduced fat cookies are better for you? Check the ingredients and you will find they likely have more sugar or artificial sweeteners than the normal version. Light is one thing they most definitely are not.

That doesn’t mean our virtuous path must lead us solely through the aisles of salad bars and valleys of steam-boiled vegetables. Sometimes it’s enough to swap one ingredient in your favourite dish and puff – you got yourself a healthy snack! Of course, in the case of crisps (or as you call them across the pond, chips) the potato is rather a vital part of the recipe. But, as you probably already know, potato chips are not good for you and they offer very little in way of nutrition. You certainly wouldn’t give them to your child, would you?

But, if you replace the normal, white spud with a sweet potato, you’re on to a winner. Sweet potatoes ranked #1 in the list of most nutritious vegetables in the list prepared by The Center for Science in the Public Interest, USA. They have the highest amounts of iron, calcium, vitamin C and vitamin A.  Aaaaand – all babies love them! So if you really fancy some crisps – sorry, chips, I keep getting it wrong – have a go at making them yourself and try my sweet potato version. It really couldn’t be simpler.

Healthy Snack Recipes Kid – Sweet Potato Crisps From Across the Pond


3 Sweet potatoes (NOT yams – they look similar but are very different altogether)

Oil (I use coconut oil as then I don’t feel so bad about frying stuff)

Umm, that’s it!


Peel the potatoes. Yesterday, as I was making this, my baby decided she absolutely had to be in my arms, so I peeled my potatoes whilst holding her, proving it can be done!

healthy snack recipes kid

Once the potatoes are ready, slice them up as thinly as you can. The easiest way to do it is with a food processor, which I fortunately own (thank you to my Mother-in-law for last Christmas’ gift). If you don’t have a food processor, it can still be done but I recommend you put your baby down for that part. You can use a mandolin (kind of like a slicing machine) or your carrot peeler.

When the potatoes are sliced up, heat up about an inch of oil in your pan. Fry the chips in batches, making sure they’re all separated. Be careful not put too many in the pan at once or they won’t crisp up. Let them sizzle a bit and remove just as they start changing colour, about 4 minutes usually. Take them out with a slotted spoon and place on some paper towel to soak up extra fat.

healthy snack recipes kid

They’re lovely to eat straight away, warm and crisp!


healthy snack recipes kid


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