Your Permission to Play Hooky at Home Today


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It’s been a crazy year 2017, but you don’t need me to explain that to you. It’s been hard for everyone – not only on a social and worldly level, but personal as well. We’ve been running around up and down and  across the country and lately it’s been hard to know which way is up let alone stay organized and ahead of the game. 

So when we were able to spend a couple weeks being home in NYC, it was pure bliss. I even got one entire weekend home just Max and I – where we didn’t leave our apartment for one whole day. 

Sadly, I know that sounds lame – but to us, it was perfect. Lifestyles are different for everyone, but we totally cherish the days we do nothing. The moment Max woke up and asked what we were doing today and I said, “Nothing – staying home!” and he went “YASSSSSSS!” I knew we both just needed that break.

Sometimes you can just do too much. And we do it to ourselves – I am totally guilty.

So let this be a reminder, friends – to take a day off. Lounge in pajamas all day, watch bad tv all day – and most importantly – skip cooking and cleaning. In fact, that’s why you have fun, little frozen meals like Tai Pei in your freezer just waiting for days like this. Pop this bad boy in the microwave and you’ll be all smiles eating your own frozen fried rice.

Sweet and Sour “Chicken Nuggets” 


Ok so why am I promoting Tai Pei so much? Because we LOVE Asian Food – it’s really my go-to comfort food when I just can’t physically find the energy to cook anything – even chicken nuggets. (Note: this is why our days-off include Sweet and Sour chicken because to Max, these ARE little chicken nuggets!). 

Having flavor-infused rice on-hand helps eliminate the boredom of typical, everyday meals (or grabbing for yet another pb&j). And this new packaging also makes Tai Pei quick and simple to prepare in just minutes in the microwave (so you don’t have to throw your Netflix on pause).

Don’t believe me? Try Tai Pei Frozen Fried Rice for yourself by grabbing this $1 off coupon. Don’t see Tai Pei in your local store? Use their store locator on their website to find the closest, tastiest Asian Food waiting for you. 

Really want to stock up to play hooky? Enter to win one of 10 $100 Walmart gift cards here until November 15th!

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