Your Hotel Room’s Best Kept Secret


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I haven’t been home in two weeks. I’ve been coast to coast, across time zones and planes trains and automobiles. Literally. Sometimes I don’t know what way is up. Honestly – have you ever woke up in a hotel room and not known where you are? San Fran? Great Wolf Lodge? (ok….so maybe some of you shouldn’t answer that haha). Is that a Christmas tree?? 

Traveling is a lot of fun – I love it – but sometimes it catches up with you. And sometimes you really just cannot cook – or even find the energy to peel yourself out of the hotel bed. 

And it’s not going to slow down for another six weeks, people! I have literally been home long enough to find a couple hours to unpack and re-pack my luggage. And to think – spending all this money on a NYC apartment for what?

But it doesn’t have to all be in vain. I saved the preservatives for my tree, and threw some real, pure-ingredient frozen fried rice into my bag. These cute little boxes are extremely portable, and are life savers in hotel rooms. Now that most come with a mini fridge and microwave, you can just pop this in on the go, and skip Yelping for another local diner. 

tai pei

Again you ask – why am I promoting Tai Pei so much? Because let’s be honest – we just cannot do it all. And there are definitely nights that I cannot and will not cook, and need something that is super easy, fast, actually tastes good AND isn’t full of artificial ingredients and preservatives. Everyone should have their go-to SOS food item in the freezer, and frozen fried rice is mine. 

Let your microwave back into your life. Don’t shun it away like a bad boyfriend. These meals are a perfect example that microwave meals are back – and it’s OKAY to love them! 

Wanna see what all the hype is about? Try Tai Pei Frozen Fried Rice for yourself by grabbing this $1 off coupon. Don’t see Tai Pei in your local store? Use their store locator on their website to find the closest, tastiest Asian Food waiting for you. 


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