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The other day we were back home in the middle of farming fields at the church for my father’s funeral, and my son saw me start to tear up while standing up front to greet people. He immediately came up to me with a box of tissues and said, “Don’t cry, Mommy.” I thought it was the sweetest thing – until I saw him walk around and offer every single person in the church a tissue as well. That melted my heart and brought me to even more tears. 

In a world that can seem loveless at times, it’s important to realize how important these little moments of compassion are – and that our children still possess them. 

Children thrive in love, and so, all the more reason to spread it – just like Jif on a oversized slice of fresh sourdough. I mean, because who doesn’t feel loved when sharing a nice PB&J? Imagine a world where kids’ best qualities like creativity, imagination and bravery are limitless. When we feed kids’ potential, we can make that world possible. 

Imagine If, With Jif


If you love to partake in ways to teach children more love and empathy, you’ll want to jump into the new “Imagine If, With Jif” program. This new campaign is set to support families who want to make the world a better place, and fuel the next generation of kids to spread love with their actions – big and small. 

Does your family have a creative idea? From now until October 20, parents can submit their families idea here, for a chance to win up to $30K to make your idea a reality. Enter today and good luck!


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