Netflix Just Got Even Better For Kids


We gave up cable two years ago. Between my hectic traveling schedule and Maximo caring less about many of the channels, we just didn’t see a reason to pay the huge bill each month. Lucky for us, Netflix has also come a long ways in the last few years – adding in more selections of shows, movies, original programming and now, focusing on kids. 

Today, Meet the Kazoops!


If you’re a Netflix lover like ourselves, as of today (September 2), you can view the new children’s series Kazoops! Designed specifically for children ages 3-6, this show encourages them to use creative play and their imaginations. The animated series follows the adventures of six-year-old Monty and his best friend, Jimmy Jones (a pet pig). Monty uses his vivid imagination to challenge preconceptions about life such as “you have to wear matching socks” or “all games need rules” and, in doing so, demonstrates the value of critical thinking and creative play. 

Want a sneak peek? 

Each imaginary adventure is accompanied by a unique song that tells the story and guides us on the journey with Monty and Jimmy Jones. The songs are vibrant, cool and fun with a variety of styles that will make you want to dance, laugh and sing. The words are really important too because they tell us about the new perspectives Monty discovers along the way.

All the Feels

Dino World_Monty_JJ_Jeep

So how do children really feel about it? Max honestly made me replay the first three episodes over again. And again. From the quirky pig snorts to fun-loving songs to the imaginations of dinosaurs and safari adventures – this show is right up his alley. If you feel guilty giving your child screen time to get things done around the house, at least you know they can watch educational programming that they will love that sparks their own imaginations.

After watching, Max implemented his own imagination: We were brushing our teeth in the bathroom when he loudly exclaimed to me that the alligators were going to get me (because I wasn’t standing on the rug, I was standing on the ceramic tiles (aka, the water). And, as we were leaving the next morning to go into the city, we had to “jump” over the water in our hallway (the red sections of carpet) so we didn’t fall into the water pits.

Proud mom moment. Thanks again Netflix for giving us another fun show to add to our favorites. In the car, at home, and even at the spinning studio. 

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This post is part of a sponsored campaign for Kazoops. I received compensation for my participation, but my review and opinions are my own.

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