A #KIRKWORTHYPARTY Is Worth 1,000 words (and $1000 in Cash!)

I grew up on a farm – probably as country as one gets. I don’t think anyone in my family ever thought I would go city, and here I am breaking stigmas since 2010.

The funny part is – if you don’t know me that well, you would never guess that I used to milk cows, drive tractors and own a few pair of cowboy boots, and love shopping for everything in one fell swoop at Walmart. Country is in my blood, and it sometimes takes being adult (or NYC) to be proud of your heritage. Here in the city, it’s normal and rather encouraged to show your background – from wearing the star of David necklaces to flying Puerto Rican flags on your fire escape.

So it’s only natural that I would have plenty of Yinzer pride (and gear!) in the city. The best part? There is a huge expat population of Yinzers in NYC, and we love to get together (no matter how small our outdoor spaces may be!) to celebrate our common love – football. We may not have the large football stadiums and parking lots to kick back with our beers and friends, but we still have one serious good time at home.



 Yinzer tailgating and Coors Light (and Coca-Cola!) go together just as much as footballs and wide receivers in black and yellow jerseys. That’s why we’ve always loved Walmart – you can get your tailgating supplies, an oil change before heading down to tailgate and even a new set of wireless speakers to blast out at the parking lot all at one place!

Back in the country, we work hard, play hard – so we’re known to throw impressive parties. That part of me is still strong – our coolers are always filled with the essentials like Coca-Cola Zero Sugar (the new ones we’re slightly obsessed with!), Powerade and of course Coors Light.


And grills (did I mention you can pick up that grill at the same time at Walmart, too?) always have an impressive selection of burgers and Eckrich Smoked Sausages. In fact, if you don’t see one of these sausages on the grill, it’s not a real Yinzer tailgate.



Kirk Herbstreit is looking for the tailgate love out there, and if you post photos of you doing what you do best with the hashtag #KirkWorthyParty, and #contest, you could be picked by Kirk himself to be shared on social and win a gift card ranging from $100-1,000! I mean, free money just for kicking back with a beer and some good music sounds pretty great to me!

So we’re giving you an excuse to spend your next football game with friends, cold beers and lots of good food. It’s the country American way!

Rules: To read up on all the details and full contest rules, visit: kirkworthyparty.com. You’ll also get to see your competition entries up close (or maybe some new tailgating buddies for the next game!).

This is a sponsored post by My Country Nation, but we all know I love to tailgate and all opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting Football Food and Motherhood!





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