These protein pancakes just took breakfast to a whole new level


It’s official. I am old. I can’t believe Max literally just started kindergarten this week – where did the little baby who used to terrorize my carpets with Play Doh and strawberries go? I know you are always dying for a sneak peep into the super cool lives of Stephanie and Maximo here in NYC – so I’m here to make your Monday am a little more entertaining.

So to mark the occasion, I got up and made him some pancakes on the first day back. Ok, before you get all Pinterest mom crazy on me, listen – I grabbed these cookie cutters from Fishys Eddys for $1.95 each. I use them ALL THE TIME because it’s so easy to cut out an already hot pancake, and it makes him feel special. Yeah, you may laugh at those moms doing these in lunches, and I don’t do it EVERY DAY, but honestly – having a few staple elements on hand can make breakfast and lunch for kids (and mom super easy!). Just look at that smile people. This is about the same amount of effort my dad did for me growing up when I would eat a huge bowl of Cheerios and watch Ghostbusters religiously for about four months straight. Whatever makes them happy!

September is National Breakfast Month

You guys, I could basically live on breakfast. It’s my favorite meal of the day, so you would think I would treat it better – but honestly – I end up skipping it – A LOT. Basically my breakfast consists of black coffee and a run out the door. So with school, a schedule, and a month dedicated to breakfast, we’re making it a priority over here. Why? Because it’s true – on days I eat breakfast I FEEL better, and if I EAT food in the am, I actually an inclined to lose weight. 


Here’s the real secret: make all your pancakes on Monday am. I make about three batches worth since I’m already making them, and toss the extras in the fridge/freezer for the rest of the week. Now, before you get all carb police on me – these are not ordinary pancakes. Krusteaz has PROTEIN pancakes. As in 13g of protein pancakes. And we all know how important protein is. And when you have a picky eater that has about five rotating items on his menu of edible foods, one being pancakes, this is a blessing because he’s getting good stuff in a pancake. Plus, the mix is ready to go – just add water and pop in a skillet. I like to keep mine 50/50 (1 cup mix to 1 cup of water) this makes them a little more spongy like a crepe instead of thick, heavy pancake, and doesn’t leave you with that “I overate” feeling, but more a solid full for hours – or at least carrying my son over to lunch time.

Why we love Krusteaz: just as a side note, their products are free from partially-hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. 


Where to grab Krusteaz

You might have seen these on the shelves in Target or Foodtown (nice shoutout to Ferreira Foodtown!), so they’re easily accessible – heck Target will even deliver these bad boy boxes for you for free with a Red Card. We’ve come a long ways from the days of driving over 40 min away once a week on the farm to go grocery shopping. 

So grab yourself a box of protein, some cookie cutters and let Monday am start with smiles to kick-off the week. That way you can hit snooze on Tuesday… and Wednesday… and….

Win a Krusteaz Pancake Pack!

To honor this beloved holiday month, we’re teaming up with Krusteaz to get you started off with a fun pack of goodies including a variety of pancake mixes, whisk, tote bag and blender bottle. Enter below to win! 

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