These Avocado Recipes Are About To Change the Way You Snack


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It’s been an exceptionally fun summer. We’ve been traveling all over the NYC area to friends lake houses from CT to PA and spending a lot of time outdoors and with friends. It’s just like a summer right out of 1984 – lots of laughs and campfires, boats and jumps in the lake and cooking together. Don’t tell Max, but I’ve seamlessly incorporated healthier food into his everyday meals and he doesn’t even realize it. While he used to eat great as a baby and toddler, the more they grow, the more limited the options become on their plates. 

DSC04760Instead of hot dogs we’ve been noshing on venison dogs (yes, that’s right – hot dogs with deer meat from our friends own hunted deer), and lots of avocados in fun new ways. While I like to just eat avocados straight, Max needs a little more encouragement to eat things that are “green.” 


So I thought, what is a better way to show him how delicious new foods are than with a picnic while we will be with our friends? 


The other night, we also introduced him to supercross. Since he’s still a city kid, he more of a scooter than a bike rider, but he tried a balance biker earlier this year in Vermont. After he realized just how fun it was to “race” them up and down dirt hills with about 30 other 2-5 year olds, he was hooked. He even got a trophy – fourth place (out of four). haha. 

After all that biking, the kids were hungry, so luckily mom came prepared with some snacks. Here are a few of my new favorite (and kid-friendly!) Fresh Avocado recipes that are also really portable for picnics AND pretty tasty.

Avocado, Apple and Peanut Butter Wraps


I am glad I made extra of these! I mean, we all know how delicious peanut butter and apples are together, but simply adding in avocado to the wrap takes it to a new level!

Vegan Avocado Ceviche


This was probably my favorite because I love a good fresh mix. Unlike my son, I like to mix my foods (while he can’t have any of them touch!), so adding avocado, onion, lime, cilantro and cauliflower into a “ceviche” was the perfect, easy and delicious picnic pick.

Chipotle Avocado Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes


These were a big hit with the kids to just pop. Plus, one of the babies really loved the creamy dip. Fresh Avocados are a great health benefit as a first food, and blending them up makes them even easier to eat. You can grab all of these recipes and more on

I am also excited to bring some of these into football season for tailgating – these wraps are not only good for picnics but parking lots and school lunches! What are some of your favorite picnic and/or avocado recipes? Share below!

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