#WhatULuv is a Dry Happy Baby!


Playdates. Basically survival pow wows for new moms. It’s also a great way for sleep-deprived parents to actually shower, rally and put on makeup to get together with friends they haven’t seen in a long while or meet new people. And eat real food that’s not just cheerios dusted off from the floor under the high chair. 

Being that (1) we love food, and (2) we love eating and cooking food with others and (3) as moms, we like to socialize with other moms to talk the grim details of parenting survival with other moms dealing with the same thing to feel normal, we decided to host our a fun #WhatULuv playdate (sponsored by Luvs to celebrate their Luvs Ultra Leakguards with Nightlock Plus because, it’s way more fun to have a party with goodies, right??!).


Problem Solved: Moms Need to Vent

We invited a few new NYC moms to come over, bring the babes and potty talk (not just swear words – I know it’s hard to believe coming from me). And it was so much fun, we plan to host others – just as a fun monthly meet-up to get out of the house and have conversation with someone other than the Talking Tom app on your kids’ iPad. 


Problem Solved: Dry Babies

As we chatted and munched on goodies like fresh muddled mint and POM mocktails and Black Bottom Cupcakes for #BakeItHappen, we realized that there are various stages that our children will go through which lead us to talking about the importance of keeping our babies dry, especially at night. There is nothing worse than having a baby wake up in the middle of the night wet. Thankfully Luvs Ultra Leak Guard line has a super soft and thick absorbency area to help lock away wetness, even overnight. They also have large closure tabs to help keep it in place and let’s talk about money-back guarantee. Nothing better than that. This is music to all of our ears. 


Problem Solved: Be Our Guest!

Right now there is this fantastic movement for moms to support moms, women to support women and so on… so let’s jump on the bandwagon, shall we? Plan your own little get togethers with fellow moms and friends, and if someone invites you – make the effort to peel yourself off the couch with baby and get out to live a little! And if you want to join us next time, just shoot us an email at stephanie[at]footballfoodandmotherhood.com and we’ll add you to our guest list!


Want to follow along behind the scenes? Head to social and browse the #WhatULuv to see more, and other comments and ideas from moms around the country! Have some good tips for new moms? Share below, too! Join the conversation 🙂

This is a sponsored post by Luvs, because we love to support businesses that love to support moms! All opinions are our own of course 🙂

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