Lyft Just Made Car Service for Families Awesome


Over here in Astoria, we’ve been huge Lyft fans for a long long time. Basically since they day Lyft arrived on the scene. We happen to live not-so-close to the subway (ok about a 15 min walk which I actually like AND we happen to have a building shuttle that takes us there). But! Sometimes – we miss it, it’s raining, we’re late for school or need to get to the airport. And unlike other curbsides in NYC where you can walk outside and hail a cab, we cannot. A few years ago, car app services changed the game for us borough people. 

But one thing has always blown my mind in NYC: You don’t’ need car seats in cabs (but of course, a responsible parent driving does). That means you can legally get into a car with a stranger without a car seat, and it’s okay. But is it, okay? When Max was tiny, we would just strap in his stroller/car seat in one. But as he got a little older (I’m talking like two years old still a baby), we didn’t have that on us and the toddler cab riding was like a game of Russian Roulette (hence, we didn’t take cabs much). 

But as of Fall 2017, Lyft has changed this scenario for NYC parents. Now, you have the option to request a Lyft WITH A CAR SEAT in it. 

Lyft Car Seat Option


We put it to the test on the way to the airport. I opened my Lyft app, and there it was –  And low and behold – our smiling driver showed up with a (CLEAN) car seat in a protective case in the trunk. He popped it out and installed it in about one minute, and we were on our way. 

image_01 (1)

Does it cost more?

Yes – slightly – but just like ordering a special Lyft PLUS costs a little more for six seats, you pay a little more for the car seat option. 

Does it take longer?

Yes, usually these cars aren’t as prevalent as basic Lyft drivers, so allot a few more minutes into your trip (but come on – it’s going to still be 10 min or under – don’t go all expecting instantaneous arrivals on me).

Have you downloaded the app yet? 

If you’re not using Lyft yet – you should be! Use my code “STEPHANIE39” when you sign up and you’ll get $15 to ride in return! SIGN UP HERE!

Is it in other cities yet? 

For now, it is just available in NYC but keep an eye out for updates from Lyft!

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