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I am not really sure if it’s age, becoming a mom or both – but as I’m heading towards the higher end of the 30s this year, health has become a huge component of our lives way more than ever. Even though I grew up on a farm and ate “farm to table” literally everyday, we will still had things like soda and Crisco in the cupboards. Yes. My gram LOVED to cook with Crisco. I remember her plopping it in a measuring cup full of water to measure it out as the water would rise. 

Today, I like to consider myself a more educated consumer. While adding shortening to foods seems unnecessary, vitamins are becoming a big deal. Ever since meeting Dr. Low Dog about a year ago, I’ve added the MegaFood Multi and Turmeric into my daily habits, and let’s just say – if you pay attention, you’ll notice a difference. Turmeric has been helping me with running and inflammation, while I love adding a scoop of the Daily Energy Boost Powder to my post-workout smoothie.  (They also have a Kids Daily Immune Boost powder, too!).

realTake the #MegaPledge


I can’t say enough good thing about honest, transparent companies like MegaFood. From using local farmers for their “farm to tablet” philosophy to helping local communities receive better, healthy options to just being a solid resource for consumers, I’ve grown to really love their products and brand.

And now, they’re ready to help you, too. By taking the #MegaPledge to be healthier, not only will you get a $5 off coupon, they will donate 1 bottle of Multis to those who need them most.

AND – they’ll make a donation to Wholesome Wave, equivalent to 2 servings of fresh fruits & veggies per pledge for those in need. 

Sounds like a win-win, right? So put down the shortening, and spread the healthy love for yourself and someone in need by taking the #MegaPledge here with me! 

What to learn more?


Join Dr. Low Dog for a Facebook live event on Tuesday, February 7th, and learn about nutritional poverty, and how you can do your part to mind the gap!

This is a sponsored post by MegaFood. Thanks for supporting Football Food and Motherhood.

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