Surviving Summer Cravings and Bad Food Decisions


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Summer is hard. Hard to balance health, self and parenting. Kids are off school so that means your daily workout routine is off, you’re traveling more, and let’s be honest – most of that traveling revolves around the kids and “kid food.” Meta Appetite Control has been a life saver for me these last couple of months. I’ve been bringing it along with me, and instead of caving to bad decisions, I help to curb those sugar cravings with the supplement that is all-natural psyllium fiber. Let me give you a few examples:

Example One: road trips in the car

The other day we were trying to make it to A Day Out With Thomas in time. We ended up going the wrong way, one of the kids got sick, and finally upon arriving at our destination, we didn’t even want to ride the train. We managed to bypass the fried food stand, and figured we would stop on the way home to get something healthy. Exit after exit we realized nothing was popping up and the traffic to cross the George Washington Bridge was building according to Waze. Instead of popping Goldfish with the kids to survive, I shook up one of my water bottles with Meta Appetite Control in it. Luckily, this got me through to the finish line (Meta Appetite Control is designed to help you reduce your appetite between meals – the psyllium fiber in the powder thickens and forms a gel, which aids in the sensation of fullness).

Example Two: the amusement park

You wake up strong and say to yourself, “I will NOT pound ice cream, pop corn and french fries today.” And then you’re in – and it’s everywhere and they ONLY make delicious buttery soft Dutch preztels here and no where else. Trapped. Don’t be this mom. Instead of devouring an entire pretzel (or two – gah!) yourself, pack yourself some Meta Appetite Control. Mix up that huge bottle of water you’re carrying around and just treat yourself to a bite of one of the kids treats. You’ll thank yourself the next day.

Example Three: a day in the city


Walking the streets of New York City can be extremely dangerous – not due to crime, but to all the delicious food vendors tempting you with their amazingly aromas. Lucky for you and me, we live here. So, you can pass up those cronuts and rainbow bagels today, and #treatyoself when the time is right. I always walk the city with some Meta Appetite Control on hand because you are never really sure just when you’ll be able to find time for a healthy meal (and Meta Appetite Control is proven to help you feel less hungry between meals!). New Yorkers are notorious for working too hard, and next thing you know it’s 3pm, you’re starving and you haven’t ate yet.


Don’t. Wreck. Yourself. Check. Yourself. When you have the Meta Appetite Control on hand, it’s easier to toss in your water and curb your cravings until you can make rational, non-‘hangry” decisions again.

Where can you find Meta Appetite Control?


At any Walgreens nationwide – including a ton of them throughout NYC, so just pop in and grab some the next time you walk past one!

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