Why Fancy Cars Aren’t Always Best


It’s been nine years since I bought my last vehicle and seven since I have owned one. Living in NYC you obviously don’t need one, but it’s always in the back of my mind to have a little car to shoot around when I want to get out of town. Since we travel almost every weekend now, I contemplate if having a little car to call our own would make sense.

I’ve been looking into this new concept called minimalism – and while I don’t plan to go extreme on it (I guess minimalism means not owning a car at all!), I was thinking, this would be a great plan to implement into a car – getting something that would be reliable and safe without a lot of the bells and whistles. I mean, do we really NEED seat coolers?

IMG_6498So last week we took one of our weekend getaway trips to Woodloch in the Poconos. We’ve seriously spent more weekends in PA than NYC this year already, which proves we need some wheels.

The thing about NYC – it’s tight, no one drives nice and there are lots of unexplained bumps and scrapes on your car when you come back to get it on the street.

When I think about how I would have brought the Hummer here, I shudder. But having a little eco-friendly vehicle like the Mitsubishi Lancer. Before you snark because of your fancy little vehicle addiction – let me tell you why this is the perfect city car to own.

First, it’s only $17,000. That’ less than I pay in rent a year- to OWN it.

It comes with a 10 year/100,000 mile warranty. That’s a lot of road trips with peace of mind. 


You aren’t going to cry about those scrapes on a simple little car – this isn’t your $50,000 boat on the road. So a couple battle wounds along the way aren’t going to bother you. Trust me – parking on the street for one week in NYC will bring you a couple scars.

It’s safe. It has all-power steering for those quick stops and rainy streets to keep the littles in the back protected. And the standard car comes with a back up camera!

Okay – so even if you want some bells and whistles, you can still get leather seats, heated seats, rain-sensing wipers and touch-screen navigation.


So you can call this a “mom” car if you want – but these days, we’re more about spending time together and building memories on trips (and having something reliable to get us there). Not looking fancy pulling up to the resort. I mean, who’s really looking at your wheels in the parking lot anyways? Plus, do I WANT to attract attention to break into it on the street?

Hmmm…… so yes, we’re loving this little Mitsubishi Lancer for this week’s road trip. Follow along on social for live Instastories and tweets using #DriveMitsubishi and at @MissStephanieB.

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