These 5 Things will Help You Escape Your Mom Rut


This is a sponsored #ad post by Meredith on behalf of Jif, New Balance, Munchkin, SwaddleMe and Visit Williamsburg – but seriously aren’t all these things awesome? All opinions are my own. 

How many times do you attempt a girls night out as a mom at the age of 36? I text my fellow mom friends at least once a week saying let’s have coffee, drinks or dinner, but each week, I end up sitting alone at a coffee shop writing articles like this or having Maximo’s left over chicken nuggets.

Sigh. I remember the days when I was young and we had all the time in the world. I would sit on the couch on the farm with all the windows open, blowing breeze puffing out the sheer white curtains like dancing ghosts while I read a book quietly.

Today, I barely have time to read unless it’s on a flight with no wifi.

So when there is an event I know everyone is attending – with wine – I find the time to RSVP. We all should. And Momtrends knows moms – I laid here getting a foot rub while catching up and finally putting my feet up, literally.36803380074_0985ccd59b_k

So this event isn’t just about taking a couple hours off from mom-ing. It’s about seeing how we can make our lives easier – to allow ourselves those few precious moments to self-medicate. If I can find something to cut out 15 minutes for a foot rub, I am always game. Here’s what’s on the menu for fall 2018:

1. Jif


Ok – peanut butter? YES! Stop trying to Pinterest yourself to death. Max is beyond happy with a pb&j for lunch everyday. Frankly, so would I. We eat SO MUCH PB&J! Jif will never go out of style, but you can always switch it up and get fun without getting too crazy with work. We always keep cookie cutters on hand (link to jif post), and tooth picks and fruit are always a fun way to make peanut butter kabobs.


Did I mention Jif just blew your mind with these new chocolate/peanut butter to-go dips? So much for me adding chocolate chips to a spoonful of Jif – I am just stocking up on these, especially for those long road trips back to Pittsburgh. I’ll have the extra room to pack them since I’ll only be bringing my stretchy leggings to wear after eating it all haha.

2. SwaddleMe

No – I’m not pregnant, but basically every one of my besties outside of NYC is or just had one! Baby gear changes faster than that diaper you just put on the baby. So, I always like to keep up with the trends and pass on the best of the best to my new mom friends. When Max was a baby, we LOVED to wrap him in a burrito – it was the only way he would sort of sleep a couple hours through the night.

These new SwaddleMe now come with free legs – aka footsies – that means you can wrap up baby in a burrito and still let their legs hang free in a baby carrier – HUGE GAME CHANGER. You can even upgrade to the Kicksie, which also has a snap bottom for quick diaper changes. 

3. New Balance


Running is my outlet. There is nothing like a runner’s high, and just disconnecting for a few minutes alone to push yourself. But did you know that shoes expire after so many miles? I actually try to keep a mental note of how many miles I run in shoes, and then retire them (I still use them to walk in the city or donate!). So these new New Balance are up for the test of NYC pavement pounding. The Fresh Foam Arishi provide lightweight breathability (shhhh- because I don’t wear sock – no not even in 6+miles!) and support to keep my toes from barking. 

4. Greater Williamsburg


We’re notorious for blowing into unchartered territory for spontaneous adventures. And Williamsburg (no, NOT the hipster part of Brooklyn) is on my go-to list. Everyone knows I am a huge history buff, and seeing parts of American history is fascinating to me – plus I think it’s also good for Maximo. Not to mention they have all that fun kid stuff there too like roller coasters, living history museums and lots of woodlands for biking, hiking and ziplining!

Did I mention they introduced me to something else that will blow your mind – beer and wine that’s made with honey. This was how “beer” was originally made before beer was fermented. And – it’s incredibly delicious. So good, I might have to keep this hidden when Max is a teenager because they will actually LIKE THE TASTE unlike us trying to sneak sips of beer as kids and thought it was god awful and never knew why adults would drink such terrible things.

 5. Munchkin


This one is for my Pittsburgh people with the huge houses. One of my friends just finished renovating their house that is THREE FLOORS – THREE! I can barely keep my tiny apartment here in NYC clean, so all that space gives me anxiety. But that’s why she’ll need someone like Munchkin to keep her company up in the baby’s room (she’s actually due this month!). Nurseries are always better with diaper pails – because you don’t have to worry about taking that smelly diaper all the way into the kitchen downstairs at 3am. This will keep you smell-free, at least until you can have two eyes open instead of one to empty in the am thanks to Arm & Hammer. 

Basically, you can sit here and read Parents Magazine until baby falls asleep and not even smell a thing. That’s the self-sealing strongness you deserve as a mom!

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