Squeezables Vs. The Truck Stop


I look back at my twenties and wonder, how did I have so much time? To lay around and do nothing but watch bad movies, eat the worst foods imaginable and still have more time to get to work as a bartender or get my nails done. I’ve give anything for it not to be 6:45am on a Saturday IN PITTSBURGH and be up writing this. The life of a mom. Always on the go. 

While we thrive on the beautiful chaos, let’s admit that somethings in a parent’s life do in fact make it easier, and we are grateful for that. One of my saving graces on these trips are snacks I can bring myself that are a lot better than the hot dogs that have been twirling for hours on the highway truck stop. Although I’m good at keeping track of my own diet and food intake (the self control to walk past that slushie machine is true commitment), a mother’s work is never done when it comes to making sure her kid’s diet is fulfilling their daily needs. Unfortunately, what kids want vs. what is good for them often does not coincide. 

So, plan ahead and bring along items that are (1) easy to carry, and (2) you won’t cringe watching your child eat with child diabetes guilt. Even though my son is four, squeezables are a staple in our on-the-go options, such as Musselman’s Squeezable Sour Apple Sauce.

Give Them Something To Pucker About.


Remember back when we loved to torture ourselves with super sour things but would not touch a vegetable to save our life? Things don’t change much, so give them both – sour and a healthy snack.  It’s a fact of the universe that kids love that lip-puckering flavor, and Max thrives on adventure on the road (via sour attempts) and spicing up his same old boring packed lunch (yes, you can find these is almost every grocery aisle in America).

An Apple(sauce) A Day


It may be in a pouch, but these are made with 100% American-grown apples, using a grower-owned cooperative that’s been making apple sauce for over 100 years. That means you’re supporting your local farmer’s – win win for everyone. There are no added high fructose corn syrups or hidden GMOs. Trust me, when it comes down to a Musselman’s Squeezable Sour Apple Sauce or those questionable items on the side of I-80 in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania, you’ll be happy you packed your snacks, too. And you can save on your next trip by using this coupon, too!

New fun flavors of apple sauce include: Sour Lemon, Sour Raspberry and Sour Cherry, while they still have their favorites Strawberry, Honey Cinnamon, and Unsweetened. See the flavors in action here on YouTube and follow along with the fun on Facebook.

Which is your favorite Musselman’s

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