Wellness with Nature Made

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I’ve realized that being an “East Coaster” (and especially a New Yorker) can really take a toll on your health. It’s a given – we work ourselves to the bone, are impatient, have zero tolerance, and are exposed to tons of germs and smog, fumes, ick all day everyday. I’ve come to find seeing rats in the subway as a normal everyday occurrence. So, sometimes you need a little help to keep yourself operating at the best level without overdoing it. To help with this, I’ve been adding supplements with vitamins and nutrients into my daily habits.

Wellness with Nature Made


Nature Made are some of my favorite supplements because (1) they are natural and (2) they are easily accessible. They also happen to be the nation’s #1 best-selling brand for quality vitamins, minerals and supplements** to help support nutritional gaps. When I am shopping in Long Island (which I do periodically to stock up on things!), I always like to pop into Walmart for some items that aren’t inflated in NYC prices, including a full range option of Nature Made supplements.

Keeping Your Defenses Up


We touch a lot of really gross things in NYC. Just like I ignore the rats in the subways, I try not to think about who or what might have touched that pole on the train before I had to grab it. Sometimes you see people cough, blow their nose or even worse, pick it, and then touch the pole – right in front of you. True story. So what is one thing you can do? Well, since your immune system is probably down from lack of sleep and overworking including that huge pile of laundry that still needs done, I try and add Vitamin C to my everyday morning routine. Vitamin C is good for a lot of reasons, but since heart disease is a top issue for women, why wouldn’t you want to pop a capsule when it COULD help with prevention of heart attacks and strokes, high blood pressure (hello! New York!), common colds of course and even sometimes cancer.*

Retail at Walmart: $6.80 for a 110 1000mg tablets.

Natural Sleep Aids – Melatonin


Let’s be honest – we’re women, so we don’t sleep well. Whatever slim hours of sleep we get are plagued with composing to-do lists, trying to remember what we might have forgotten they day before and making sure we leave time to bake cookies for that playdate on Wednesday. Ugh. To help with this, I pop a Melatonin from time to time. Melatonin is a natural hormone that regulates sleep. About an hour before bed, I take one of these and it just helps me relax and actually get tired. It allows me to crawl into bed and actually FALL asleep instead of laying there thinking about things. And I sleep soundly through the night, and wake up refreshed – not groggy.

Retail at Walmart: $4.44 for a 150 3mg tablets.

What are some of your favorite vitamins and supplements to add to your daily health habits? Enter to win a Walmart Gift Card here and grab some for yourself!

Nature Made Wellness 2

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*Sources: University of Maryland Medical Center

**Based in part on data reported by Nielsen through its Scantrack Service for the Vitamins Category for 52-week period ending 9/26/2015, for the xAOC, FDM, and FM Markets. Copyright © 2015 Nielsen.

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