NYC Life Hack of The Week: Making Breakfast is Overrated


Ok so let’s be honest right off the bat. I don’t like breakfast or anything to do with it. I like breakfast food – like eggs and pancakes – but more around 6pm than 6am. I probably haven’t ate breakfast voluntarily in over 10 years at least – unless it was aspirin for a raging hangover. But when you now have a child in preschool that requires breakfast five days a week, I am up in the dark with one eye trying to flip pancakes and sip coffee simultaneously – just like Al Pacino in Frankie in Johnny (but I am definitely not as chipper). 

So I started to think of options. Skip breakfast for Max? Order seamless to be delivered everyday at 6:15am? Hire a chef?

As great as they all seem, they’re not feasible options. And this mom isn’t ready to resort back to June Cleaver days either.


So what is a tried, aging, yoga-pant wearing mom to do? Make OVERNIGHT breakfast of course! 

Life Hack of the Week: Overnight Oats

Sounds easy enough right? Let me just tell you, Quaker has majorly stepped up their game. Looking over their website is almost as bad as getting sucked into Pinterest. Best part? These babies literally take zero time to make, and you can literally throw whatever you have laying around in them to make them fun and resourceful. Have a banana that’s about turn too brown? Perfect! Bought some extra blueberries and cinnamon cause they were on sale? You’re winning!

Literally use one of those many mason jars we know you have laying around, and fill it with oats, yogurt and/or milk and any topping your heart (or your child’s heart) desires.  I mean, you guys. Peanut butter. Fridge. Live for breakfast in the am, and actually HIT the snooze button because you have more time to sleep (or take an extra long shower in that nice new showerhead of yours – ALONE) thanks to me and Quaker Oats.

Seriously – I made this video and this breakfast in under two minutes. We used: 1/2 cup oats, 1/2 cup milk, strawberries and 1 tablespoon of Swerve. It was seriously like strawberry shortcake and waking up is like seeing rainbows and glitter. Here’s to happier mornings. 

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  1. momtrends October 12, 2016 at 1:23 pm

    I’m usually a fresh pot of oat meal kind of gal… but over night oats seem just as yummy and time saving!

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