How Peapod Changed My Perception on Grocery Delivery For the Better


I made this. From a meal kit in a crock pot. 

Don’t believe it? Let me tell you how I got here….

There are two types of people in this world – those who love to grocery shop and those who dread it. Depending upon the day of the week I can be both, despite the fact there is a Stop & Shop literally around the corner from my kids school. There are days I enjoy going to the market, shopping for foods my kid’s enjoy, or gaining excitement from picking up ingredients to prepare a special dish that I haven’t made in a while. But then there are other days where the thought of going to the market drains me. I’m tired before I get there. I’ve ordered takeout due to sheer laziness of going to the supermarket – but then, haven’t we all?

Grocery shopping vs. delivery

For almost a year, Stephanie had been telling me to order from Peapod since I already enjoy Stop & Shop products. I didn’t know much about Peapod aside from seeing their trucks around my neighborhood and bags stacked at her house from delivery days. I thought they were like every other food delivery service so I never bothered looking into them. Not to mention, I’ve always had this worry about ordering groceries online –  I want to see the food I’m buying. I want to make sure I’m selecting the best food for my family. My general impression of supermarket deliveries was they would deliver anything. Treating my family like an order that needed to be filled. 

But Stephanie wasn’t taking no for an answer.

She sent me to an event where I got to meet them one-on-one and learn what foods lie in my future. I realized Peapod is not like the others. They provide their customers with the freshest products and there are no membership fees. Simply visit their site and start shopping. They are also committed to supporting local businesses that will allow you to discover new products from within your area. I was introduced to some new local businesses like, Gotham Greens who supplied the greens for the salad and Wise Organic Chicken for our main course.




After the event I decided to give them a shot. I ordered a few things including one of their meal kits and seriously – would you think this came in a box from a grocery store? 


I made this. In a crock pot. I woke up early, threw the pre-measured ingredients into the pot and then went about the day – only to come home to this. And you can, too. 

Grab their Carolina Pulled Pork by  Zen of Slow Cooking Meal Kit here. Only $21.99 and serves five people! 

Since then, I’ve tried a few other meal kits, and have had a pretty stellar track record with Peapod – no late deliveries, no damaged goods and perfectly selected ripe fruits and veggies. So, why are you still waiting to give it a try? 

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I attended an event hosted by Peapod to learn about the services they provide. All opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting

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