Why the PB&J Will Always Be King of School Lunch

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I was away this weekend with friends at their lake house, and with all the extra space, the kids actually had their own playroom in the basement. When I went down to check on them, I saw they were (sort of) getting along and challenging each other to some sort of strategic video game. It was like a brain teaser, so I decided to jump in when they asked me.

However, they kept beating me and laughing. 

I was getting frustrated when it hit me – I was way overthinking and overcomplicating the game, while they were winning by using common sense and the simple strategy that I overlooked – it couldn’t possibly be that easy right? It was.

Same goes for a lot of things in life. We as parents are really overcomplicating the process. With our fancy school lunches and perfect birthday parties that look right out of a magazine spread, I thought – what happened to the simpler way of life? Our parents never stressed over school lunches. My mom slapped PB&J on some bread and threw it in a paper bag. So with kindergarten right around the corner, my pledge is to take it easy on myself this school year, and go back to the basics.

Jif® Peanut butter, Smucker’s Fruit Spreads and Ziploc® Sandwich Bags are the perfect pairings for back to school lunches. And you can pick up these staples up easily in a ShopRite grocery store! There is a reason a product has staying power, folks! So just like the PB&J song, let’s do a step-by-step guide on how to go back to your roots. 

First you go to ShopRite and you shop, you shop….


The best part of ShopRite grocery stores? They literally have bread, jelly and peanut butter in the same aisle. It’s just meant for these three to live together in harmonious deliciousness that takes one minute to make with one eye before coffee at 6am. 


And just a side note – don’t forget the Ziploc® Sandwich Bags. You’re better than throwing messy sandwiches in a paper bag and smushing them. Ziploc® Sandwich Bags are great for portability (easy for taking lunch to school).

Then you take the Jif® Peanut butter and you spread it, you spread it…


Ok, so let’s get to work. Should we put a timer on to see who can make the fastest PB&J in the am? I’ll do you one even better. Instead of bread – wait for it – we use pancakes! Yes. pancake PB&J sandwiches. I know, you’re currently thinking – why didn’t I think of that?? It’s our little shake up of the famous sandwich. We love to make pancakes on Sundays together, and we make a few extra for breakfast throughout the week that we can keep in the fridge/freezer and throw in the toaster oven quickly for a couple min. Or, use as our base for PB&J. 

Then you take the Smucker’s Fruit Spreads and you ….


Ok you guys, so I’ll admit one little thing. My gram would have rolled her eyes back on the farm, but as a mom of 2017, we DO actually own some cute cookie cutters that we use occasionally for sandwiches and pancakes. Max actually LIKES crust, so I don’t have to trim it off, but when we make our trademarked (haha – just kidding not kidding) pancake PB&J, it’s just easier and prettier – let’s be honest. I usually let him pick the cutter and viola. 

Then you take the Ziploc® Sandwich Bags and you pack it, you pack it…


Am I making sense yet? This song is actually a lot of fun. Now you’ve spread, slapped on some Smucker’s, even cut it into a pretty shape and put it in a Ziploc® bag. And how long did that take? You took a classic and made it your own all in under two minutes.

And before you go, check out a bunch of other PB&J ideas right here on ShopRite.com.

Do you have any other fun spins on this classic? Share below to help other moms get back to the basics of PB&J!

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