Less Time in the Kitchen, More Time for Yourself (and the Big Game!)


How are those resolutions coming along? If you’re like me, by this time of the year it’s getting harder and harder to stick to New Year’s resolutions. That’s why I stopped setting them a long time ago and I just try to take little steps on a daily basis to improve my life. From not having that extra scoop of ice cream, better time management and even simply taking the stairs instead of the escalator! One thing that actually helps me manage my time? Believe it or not – grocery deliver. And right now I’m loving Peapod and their amazing always fresh Meal Kits.

Who doesn’t love a delicious, healthy meal and not having to spend a lot of time in the kitchen? With the Big Game approaching, I want to be able to spend as much time as possible knocking back some cold ones and cheering on the couch with my guests, not in the kitchen!


Peapod offers meal kits that are created by CPG manufacturers to bring you the most delicious, easy and healthy meals at an even more delectable price. This entire meal kit was enough food for my family of three and only cost $13!


Meal Kits arrive complete with a simple recipe and ALL of the ingredients pre-measured and pre-cut; you can easily add the kit to your online grocery cart with the click of a button.


Peapod meal kits are all about the least amount of hassle and energy, and minimizing the amount of pans to clean. So, if you’re super busy with everything life throws at us, barely even have time to apply that eyeliner OR simply don’t like to cook or just don’t want to cook, these meal kits make your life easier in a way that is still scrumptious!


The Asian Style Pork Stir Fry kit was truly authentic and it reminded me of all pork stir fry meals I ate when living in Asia. Peapod offers a large variety of meal kits a few mouthwatering ones I can’t wait to try are the Bacon/Feta Stuffed Chicken Breast with Broccoli/Potatoes, Steak Au Poirve, and Mushroom Thyme Risotto with Toasted Ciabatta. There’s a meal that fits everyone’s palate.


Peapod always delivers fresh ingredients and that is super important as we plan our parties for the Big Game! One thing on my mind is at least attempting to have some healthy eating options (besides the side of celery decorating the wings) for myself and guests.

I was able to get some inspiration from Peapod’s featured recipes in Peas from the Pod. When you see a recipe that you’d like to try you click the ‘Get Ingredients’ button, enter your zip code and a list of ingredients pop up that you can easily add to your cart. Peapod even lets you substitute certain ingredients. For example, if you want to use vegetable pasta instead of regular pasta or you can remove items you might already have at home.


There are a few Big Game favorites I’ll be serving up to my party guests that I’ve slightly tweaked to be a bit healthier yet don’t scrimp on taste. Mini corn dogs, slow cooked chili bean dip, and bacon wrapped asparagus.


These mini corn dogs are made with whole wheat flour and the perfect bite sized morsel to eat with one hand and fist pump the other.


The slow cooked chili bean dip is paired with blue quinoa chips and celery. It’s hearty, flavorful and perfect for vegetarian guests!


Bacon wrapped asparagus because you need a side of veggies and bacon makes everything taste better.


For the final quarter, I whipped up a classic Baked Ziti, made with ground turkey and veggie pasta.


You can go online at any time and order a meal kit or any of Peapod’s fresh groceries to make your Big Game Spread one to remember. Just add your groceries, pick the delivery date and time, put your feet up and wait for the groceries to be brought to your do and do something fun with all the extra time you’ve got on your hands!

This is a sponsored post by Peapod, but all opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting Football Food and Motherhood!

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