Philadelphia Eagles are (Literally) Angry Birds

It’s always been Shitsburgh vs. Filthadelphia.

But when it’s them against the Pats, we always cheer for the east side of the state. Plus, Philly has a serious food scene happening lately. So – Eagles, let’s do this.

Just in time for Big Game happening in less than two weeks, Rovio and the NFL also just announced yesterday that they have partnered up to create some football-themed Angry Birds 2 – so yes, literally, the Eagles are feathered fury on your newest game download.

Within Angry Birds 2, mobile gamers and football fans can outfit their flocks with a choice of any of the 32 official NFL jerseys and helmets to compete in brand new Super Bowl-themed game levels as well as in-game competitions.

Yes Steeler fans, that means you can actually recreate the Super Bowl and let Big Ben have his way with Tom Brady. And James Harrison.

The Angry Birds Evolution Super Bowl LII events unveils 32 NFL characters into the game, and players have the chance to get an exclusive new bird character called the ‘Quarterback’, who will be outfitted in an NFL team jersey. In ‘Player Versus Player’ mode, ‘The Oinktagon’, gets a complete Super Bowl LII makeover as it is transformed into a football field.

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