Don’t Pee Where You Run

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Have you ever had that nightmare where you are sitting in school (like a good 80s movie) and look down and you’re naked or have peed your pants?

Well, if you’ve ever experienced the joy of pregnancy in your life, most likely both of those nightmares have come true.

Pregnancy. What a wonderful and torturous thing all at the same time. The struggle of motherhood is real.

It’s been four years and one month since Maximo left this body and yet somehow the side effects can still haunt you. Yes, I said haunt.

Newsflash, if you haven’t noticed by now, I have morphed into a runner. Not a super runner (it’s 6:30am on vacation in Florida and I am typing this not out running –yet), but at this point my usual “jog” is an average of five miles. Before you cry and hide under your sheets, realize that I too started when I couldn’t even run a full mile.

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Imagine you’re just on a typical run with a friend in the park and you have about two miles left. You stop for a little mid-run selfie in Central Park because, who doesn’t and then realize, you might have to pee. It’s not a huge urge (because after pregnancy, you now realize you have to pee basically every five minutes of your life), you can make it home, but it’s still there. So at this point you just accept that yes, you’re going to pee yourself.

Great visual isn’t? How many moms do you know that run and now you have this visual of them peeing themselves as they’re happily trotting down that path. Makes you feel a little better about yourself as you’re sitting on the bench munching donuts, right?

The First Step to Recovery

Poise liner love Stephanie

So what is a one to do? The first step to recovery is always admitting you have a problem. Stop ruining your $100 Lululemon leggings with pee and actually try a product that’s MADE for this – inconsistency. Did you wince a little and think of your grandma? No one has pee problems in their 30s right? Yes you do, or you wouldn’t be reading this. It’s okay, you don’t have to admit it to the world like I am, but you should focus on the solution: Poise Micro Liners because they’re made just for this little issue called LBL (light bladder leakage). 

You’re already shopping at Walmart and saving money like the savvy shopper you are, so why not add more savings to your list? These teenie tiny micro liners are made to be thin and unnoticeable, and can just give you the piece of mind of not feeling damp as you cross that finish line at your next race, and not from sweat.  


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