This Protein Powder Just Upped Your Smoothie Game

Refueling your body with the correct and most necessary nutrients after a workout is essential and important. Some want to reach for an indulgent treat feeling they deserved it for completing such strenuous exercise whereas others are meticulous about what they put in their body down to the last gram. Regardless of where you stand on that spectrum, rest assured that Premier Protein is here to help.

The new great vanilla milkshake flavor is something to make a note about. As with some other proteins – they can be bland, flavorless and some even have that chalky taste to them when you finish drinking them. Fortunately, the new and improved Premier Protein formula has made it easy to get all the essential proteins post exercise. With 30g of protein, 3g sugar, and 10vitamins and minerals in just one serving, it is one of the easiest and best-tasting ways to feed your muscles.

Perfect for All Levels of Athletes

From the beginner to the advanced athlete, nutrition is something that should always be a focus. What you put into your body is ultimately going to dictate how it performs and builds. By supplementing our bodies with the proper amounts of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, we can achieve all fitness and health goals that we set. Having protein powder on hand or readily available to drink and flourish your muscles as they repair, is one helpful motivator to push yourself to the max. It may seem like an extra step or more work to your day to get a shake in but believe it or not, it’s easier than you think!

Aside from the easiest way to make a shake (mixing the powder with milk or water), there are some simple recipes to flavor-up your drink for more enjoyment. By adding in fruit, veggies and a few spices, you can help not only refuel your muscles and body, but you can help benefit your immune system and many other health factors.

First off, you want to begin by figuring out what fruit and extra ingredients you would like to add to your shake. A few items that I always go to are spinach, frozen fruit (change between berries or pineapple and mango), and peanut butter. Now feel free to alter these as you wish but if your hankering for a sweet treat, this will take you to memories of vanilla milkshakes and happiness!

Measurements can be done at your own digression. Unless you are truly measuring calories and amount for nutritional goals, I say eye-ball that stuff up! Starting with the protein powder, it’s easy to measure one serving here because the container comes with a handy scoop to dish out one serving.

As mentioned earlier, frozen fruit is a bit of a go to for any smoothie, especially protein ones. Adding frozen fruit as opposed to fresh just gives the shake a bit more of that milkshake texture, but whichever you prefer is totally fine! Plus, using frozen eliminates the need for ice which leaves more room for goodness! Mango is one fruit that doesn’t overpower the taste when mixed in but gives that sweetness to satisfy any cravings. In regards to measurements, about one cup should do the trick.

Adding in greens such as kale or spinach has always been kind of intimidating for people. Whether it’s the color it turns the shake or if it’s the known taste of the leaves when they are solo, but whatever the case may be, it’s best to squash that jaded view and think Popeye’s strength in return.

Pop all of these ingredients into your magic bullet, ninja blender, or whatever contraption you have these days and let the blades of fury whip it together into a healthy and tasty drink.

Consuming Premier Protein Powder will fill you up like a regular meal and the caloric intake will supplement close to an actual meal. For optimal results and usage, consume as close as you can to the end of any training.

Where can you pick up Premier Protein?

Premier Protein’s new and improved protein powder and/or new Clear protein drink are both available in Sam’s Club stores.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Premier Protein. The opinions and text are all mine.

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