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Kids grow so fast, and while we try to drag out the holidays as long as we can, it will be January before we know it and we will be covered in feet of snow missing our festive décor and trees. Being a single mom, I only get Max every OTHER year now, and that makes them even more special – and gives us reason to want to “preserve” them. Growing up with jellies and jams on the farm, I’ve always loved finding ways to use the sweet sauce in a variety of ways besides on breakfast toast. It’s a comfort holiday item for us as I remember my gram stuffing baked goods with it left and right, and I’ve always loved to bake with jams, but this year I decided to forgo the cookie route, and make something more savory.

Preserving History with Hero

Randomly, I’ve also become a huge Downton Abbey fan – binge watching on Amazon Prime. They have opened up a new found love of tea, fancy foods and just proper eating that many of us neglect these days. Instead of always being rushed to eat and munching on whatever is in the fridge, this season Max and I are remembering to sit down together for more homemade meals and catch up over great food and conversation – even if he’s only four.

Ironically, Hero, established in 1886 in the quaint village of Lenzburg, has become the gold standard of Gourmet Fruit Spreads around the world – especially Europe. Its founders were committed to preserving fruits as gently and carefully as possible, and that vision still guides the family-owned company today. I can’t help but think that Hero was served on the plates of Lords and Ladies in the early 1900s of England, and somehow adds to the allure.

Fun Fact: While Americans like the sound of “preserves” and the quality that term suggests, did you know, the term, “fruit spreads” describes jams with higher fruit content?

Tidbit on Hero: Hero fruit spreads are 100% natural: they contain no high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, and they are certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union.

Another great tidbit about Hero: In 2016, they are spreading the goodness, and are donating over $32,000 to Feed The Children for families in need. Again, remember when Downton Abbey was hosting and feeding the injured soldiers of WWI? Sigh – quality products from quality, upstanding companies – some respectful traditions don’t change.

However, recipes do.

These two are tried and true staples to incorporate some Hero spreads into your upcoming holiday traditions and meals. You can ask anyone who dines at my house if the Brie wasn’t one of the best appetizers they’ve ever experienced – and it was literally five minutes or less to make! (follow along on social with hashtag #BeAKitchenHero to see even more homemade recipes shares.)

Brie Stuffed with HERO Black Currant & Walnuts


[yumprint-recipe id=’12’]

Pork Loin with Hero Black Cherry Marinade


[yumprint-recipe id=’11’]

Preserving Your Own History

Want to be a hero this holiday season and preserve your own traditions through new family recipes? You can enter the Hero Spread the Goodness Holiday Sweepstakes for a chance to win the Grand Prize of a $500 supermarket gift certificate or secondary prizes that include a Hero Holiday Gift basket filled with imported specialty products from Euro-American Brands! Hello! Food never goes out of style- now until December 31st! (For entry form and official rules just go to: No Purchase Necessary)


Where Can You Find Hero?

Here in NYC (and Long Island) you can scoop these up at ShopRite, King Kullen and Stop&Shop (yes that also means PeaPod delivery!) Key Food, ACME and Fairway.

Hero currently offers these delectable flavors:

– Raspberry

– Black Cherry

– Red Currant

– Black Currant

– Bitter Orange

Hero product was facilitated to help create the beautiful recipes you see above. While this is a sponsored post, we do love Hero and all cooking opinions above are true. 

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